Melania Trump’s Wardrobe Reveals Power Struggle, Fashion Psychologist Says

Oliver ContrerasGetty Images

As reported by Express on Monday, a fashion psychologist thinks that there is much that can be learned about First Lady Melania Trump’s inner psychology from her wardrobe. Dawnn Karen, a fashion psychologist, recently appeared on the TV show Lorraine to discuss her take on the fashion choices of 48-year-old Melania Trump. On the show, Karen analyzed a few of Melania’s outfits, explaining her opinion about what might be going on inside the famous woman’s life.

The former model always wears clothing that makes a statement, Karen says. In a series of photos, one theme that strikes Karen is the number of times Melania wears shawls, jackets, and collared cape-like “armor.” According to the psychologist, there is much pressure for Melania to live up to the significance of standing next to the American President. The goal for Melania, Karen says, is to have a “superwoman cape” in order to make her feel powerful. That is why she believes Melania wears so many cape-like accessories.

“She really does look like she’s wearing armor, a lot of capes going on there. She’s standing next to the most powerful man in the world and you have to evoke some sort of power as well,” Karen said on Lorraine.


However, the psychologist does not presume to draw many assumptions from Melania’s life without seeing evidence. According to Express, during the interview, host Lorraine Kelly mentions that Melania Trump seems to look uncomfortable standing next to her husband. In response, Karen states that her assessment of the First Lady’s wardrobe doesn’t necessarily say that.

“Well, this is just an armor. We can’t really presume she doesn’t want to be there, she is the First Lady of America.”

So, who is Dawnn Karen? The Cut says that she’s the leading researcher and specialist in fashion psychology. Apparently, her views are becoming popular, and she has been making rounds in the news world with her analyses of the wardrobes of figures like Melania Trump and Meghan Markle. Karen’s academic focus is on how people develop their sense of style and display themselves in relation to their psychology. She has created her own impressive list of terms in the study. One term, for example, is “mood enhancement therapy.” This theory describes the way that just one single fashion item can improve someone’s mood.

Dawnn Karen has a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Columbia, says The Cut. Apparently, she has also trademarked the Fashion Psychology field of study. Karen also teaches in her unique field at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her students learn to analyze the psychological side of clothing and appearance choices.