Chris Randone And Krystal Nielson Share Updates Post-‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale

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When the first Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Season 5 started to emerge, and it became known that Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson would become a couple, some fans were skeptical of this pairing. However, now that the final has aired and Chris and Krystal can go public with their romance, fans are quickly getting on board with this engagement. What’s the latest from Randone and Nielson as they transition their romance into the real world?

While Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson technically live in different parts of the country, the Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds seem to be inseparable at the moment. They’ve been hanging out in San Diego, California, where she lives, and it sounds as if he may be on the verge of making it his permanent residence. Now that the couple doesn’t have to hide their engagement anymore, they’re painting the town red and they seem to be doing great.

Krystal has talked about how any guy in her life has to love her dogs Wayne and Chucky, and it looks as if Chris adores her pups. The Bachelor in Paradise stars have been sharing lots of updates with fans via Instagram, including plenty of healthy dining out, working out together, and a Padres game they attended, and they both seem to be beaming in every photo.

In the Padres post, Krystal asked followers if they thought Chris should move to San Diego and it looks like Bachelor in Paradise fans are all for that plan. Nielson’s latest Instagram Stories revealed that Randone has shaved off his beard and she seems to love his new look. She also shared that her fiancé got her some new shoes, making it clear that he knows the way to her heart.

Over the weekend, Randone shared a casual photo on Instagram showing him with Nielson out at a restaurant and he noted that she makes it so easy. Another post shows him in a photo with Krystal, Wayne, and Chucky, and he simply captioned it “Family” with a heart emoji.

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Family ❤️

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Chris and Krystal made an appearance together in a video with the crew from Ellen DeGeneres’ show and they talked about their plans for living together. Randone said that they’ve had a lot of great discussions regarding living somewhere on the West Coast, whether it be San Diego, Orange County, or maybe even Los Angeles. They haven’t settled on a formal plan yet, other than determining that they can’t live without living together.

Randone added that he already feels as if Wayne and Chucky are his kids now and while Chris and Krystal haven’t set a wedding date yet, they say they are “for sure” getting married. When asked if the Bachelor in Paradise stars would be up for televising their wedding, Chris joked that it’s Krystal’s world and he’s just living in it, and it’s all up to her.

As Bachelor in Paradise fans know, both Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson got villainous edits during their respective Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. However, they seem to be fully in sync as a couple and complement one another quite well, and a lot of folks think that they might be the real deal.