‘Grocery Store Joe’ Praises ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Love Kendall Long And Opens Up About Upcoming ‘DWTS’ Run

Paul HebertABC

Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile quickly became fan favorites during Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise this past summer. They broke up during the finale but reunited on their own, and now they’re practically inseparable as he has relocated to Los Angeles to compete on Dancing with the Stars this fall. The two can hardly stop gushing over one another via their Instagram pages, but it looks like Joe is feeling a little more hesitant when it comes to his DWTS stint.

Joe and Kendall definitely seem head-over-heels in love and appear to be doing great in adjusting to Amabile’s relocation to Los Angeles. They attended a fashion show in Santa Barbara over the weekend, and Amabile shared an adorable photo via his Instagram page where he had cute things to say about Long. In the picture, Kendall is gazingly lovingly at Joe and the Bachelor in Paradise hunk said that she was beautiful in every way.

Grocery Store Joe added that he feels blessed to have Kendall by his side, and he teased that she’s crazier than he is and he says loves her for it. Bachelor in Paradise fans are clearly gaga for this pairing, as his post snagged nearly 250,000 likes in about a day.

Life really has gotten crazy for Kendall and Joe since appearing on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Long shared a photo of the two hitting some pre-Emmy bashes and she joked about how they’ve found themselves in a classic film.

Joe may be feeling pretty confident these days in his romance with Kendall, but he’s still working on that confidence when it comes to Dancing with the Stars. Amabile is partnering with recent winner Jenna Johnson and it does look as if the two are having a blast together so far.


The Bachelor in Paradise star recently told ET Online that he truly doesn’t dance at all and that landing a spot on Dancing with the Stars is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to him. Joe might have gone into DWTS feeling anxious, but his partner Jenna has nothing but praise for him.

In a recent Instagram post, Johnson said she is a proud partner who notes that he has worked incredibly hard. She acknowledged that this hasn’t been natural or easy for Amabile in any sense, but she appreciates the hard work he’s put in.

Can Jenna and Joe charm Dancing with the Stars viewers and stick around for a while on Season 27 this fall? Do Grocery Store Joe Amabile and Kendall Long have what it takes to go the distance? Bachelor in Paradise fans are definitely rooting for these two and can’t wait to see what comes next for them.