Julianne Hough Pulls Up Her Sweater In Inspiring Post About Confidence

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Julianne Hough shared a goofy new photo — showing her lifting up her sweater to reveal her white tank top — in an inspiring post about self-confidence. The former Dancing with the Stars professional dancer turned judge posted the snap to her official Instagram account on September 15 as she revealed how she combats feeling self-conscious.

The cute photo posted to her account showed Julianne posing on a long straight road as she jumped in the air. While doing so, she pulled up her top, shown sporting blue short shorts and no shoes. She appears to be out in the middle of nowhere, backgrounded by desert scenery and a two-lane blacktop.

In the caption, Julianne posted a message of confidence as she encouraged her followers to do whatever it is that they want to do, and not worry about the opinions of others.

“Do what makes YOU happy. Who cares what people think!?” Hough asked in the comments section of her latest upload, adding that “the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.”

“Whenever I get self conscious or caught up on negative comments, I’ll immediately do something completely crazy or goofy to get out of my own head — something fun that reminds me of the freedom I felt as a kid!” Julianne, who skipped the shoes and wore only white socks, then continued. “So get out there and dance, jump, run, SMILE.”

The comments section of the upload was flooded with messages from fans who thanked Julianne for her inspiring post.

One fan wrote in response to the sound advice that the DWTS star and Safe Haven actress gave out on her account, “Very sound advice and important for everyone to reflect on and think about!”

Another said on the social media site, “Wow love this! Your words” with a heart emoji. A third admitted that they thought Julianne is “such an inspiration” after seeing her caption.

Julianne lifts up her shirt for inspiring message
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But this certainly isn’t the first time Hough — who married husband Brooks Laich last year — has opened up about body confidence.

Previously, speaking on her official website, juliannehough.com, the dancer and actress admitted that she’s found self-confidence is a “journey”.

“Believing that you are a good, strong, deserving person is a huge part of finding confidence,” Hough explained on her site, before adding that a big confidence booster for her comes from saying that you are the best rather than you want to be the best. She also reiterated that it is just as important to be your own biggest supporter.

“When you know you’re doing your absolute best you will find even more confidence,” Julianne then continued. She added that “confidence is basically pride” before telling her fans, “When you’re proud of yourself and what you’re doing — you have confidence!”

As Inquisitr previously reported, Hough recently shared another inspiring snap with her fans on Instagram. This time, she was shown posing in the bath tub as she told her followers how important it is to practice “self care” and to take care of themselves, both mentally and physically.

Inquisitr also detailed an instance in which she showed off just how confident she is — as she took a death-defying leap into the air in a crazy stunt video. The video shows Hough mere inches away from the side of a huge platform that was so tall that it stood above the clouds.

The stunt snap inspired some pretty mixed responses from Hough’s followers, numbering over 4 million.