‘Baki’ Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers, Recap: Strongest Man In USA Agrees To Hunt Death Row Inmates

Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992Netflix

Baki Season 3 Episode 13, which is currently available on Netflix, started with one of the dangerous death row inmates, Sikorsky, threatening to kill Baki’s girlfriend Kozue and her mom. Kozue was left with no choice but to follow Sikorsky’s orders. She tried to buy some time by tricking the enemy, but Sikorsky knew what she was doing.

Sikorsky immediately acted when Kozue cried for help. Luckily, Baki came and saved Kozue. Sikorsky revealed that the main reason why he decided to go after Baki is that he believes he is the strongest fighter in Japan. After what he has done to his girlfriend, Baki showed no mercy to Sikorsky. However, when Baki threw him outside the house, Sikorsky found a way to escape and kidnap Kozue.

Though it started with the brief fight between Baki and Sikorsky, Baki Season 3 Episode 13 mainly focused on the strongest man in the USA, Biscuit Oliver. Six influential men have a meeting at the Japanese Police Department to talk about the death row inmates who are currently in Japan. These include Morio Sonoda (Commissioner of the Japanese Police Department), Hidenobu Nago, (Sonoda’s First Deputy), John Spencer (Secretary of the United States Ministry of Justice), Bart Allen (FBI Director), Julius Norton (Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales), and Valentine Sokorov (former KGB official of Russia).

Sonoda revealed that they have already succeeded to capture two of the five death row inmates. He said that he does not want to blame anyone for allowing the prisoners to escape, but he asked them to cooperate in capturing the remaining three death row inmates. Sokorov suggested that they may consider using another powerful prisoner to accomplish their goal.


Sokorov was talking about Oliver, who is considered the strongest man in the USA. Oliver first appeared in the flashback of Baki’s father, Yujiro Hanma. Oliver is one of the few people in the world who managed to fight Yujiro and live. As of now, Oliver is detained at Arizona. Sonoda decided to meet Oliver himself, and he was shocked to see his current situation as a prisoner.

Oliver can go in and out of the prison whenever he likes, and all the luxuries can be found inside his cell. During their conversation, Oliver told Sonoda why he is treated like a VIP. Baki Season 3 Episode 13 revealed that Oliver is tasked to hunt wanted criminals in America. Sonoda has personally witnessed Oliver’s power when he fought a former police officer who wanted to take revenge against him.

With his incredible physique, a shotgun and a samurai don’t have an effect in his body. Oliver easily defeated his opponent with one punch, showing Sonoda why he is called the strongest man in the USA.