‘The Bachelor’ Star Blair Thomas’ Instagram Photos Defended By Education Office

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After Blair Thomas posted photos to her Instagram account, the Brisbane Catholic Education Office was forced to make a public statement regarding the racy images and the code of conduct.

Thomas, who was a contestant on The Bachelor Australia this year, also has a day job as a physical education teacher at St. Matthew’s Catholic College in Brisbane. After she was eliminated from the show by bachelor Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins, she has taken to her social media account to share a number of sexy photos of herself, something many thought was completely out of line for a school teacher.

According to Daily Mail, the education office finally decided to respond to the public concerns, issuing a statement defending the 27-year-old after looking into the photos Thomas posted.

“There is nothing in the photos which damages the reputation of the teacher’s school, or of Brisbane Catholic Education,” media adviser John Phelan said. “[They’re] what you’d expect from a young woman in her 20’s and there’s nothing there that students wouldn’t see in any public place (such as a beach). Brisbane Catholic Education has a Code of Conduct for staff that relates to use of social media. The central point of that is that staff should not interact with students on social media, and there appears to be no evidence of this on Blair’s Instagram page.”

Featured image credit: Blair ThomasInstagram

The only potential issue the education office had was that Thomas’ profile was set to public, which meant that the students would easily be able to access her candid shots. After being reminded by the headmaster of the school about the strict social media policy, she has since changed her profile’s settings to private.

Thomas was eliminated from the show on August 29, citing a lack of private time with Cummins as the reason they hadn’t been able to hit it off, according to news.com.au.

She was caught up in a controversy on the reality show when she decided to out another contestant and fellow Queenslander Romy Poulier after overhearing a conversation in which Poulier was trash-talking another girl to Cummins’ sister. She also stated that there were plenty of arguments going on behind the scenes.

“Watching it back Cat, Romy and Alisha had a lot more arguments that aren’t shown, and I had two other arguments with Romy,” Thomas said. “There was a lot more bitchy remarks about other people which worked me up to confront her. She turned around and said to me ‘it was a private conversation’ and I just said ‘I don’t know how you can think its private when it’s a television show.’”