Demi Rose Puts Her Booty On Full Display In A Thong Bikini While Riding An ATV


Demi Rose gave fans something to talk about with her latest Instagram post. She wore a black thong bikini and hopped on an ATV. The photo was taken from behind, as she looked over her left shoulder and smiled at the camera. Her bikini bottom had an interesting cut, with two cut-outs on the sides with a thin band. Her derriere was on full display, and fans couldn’t help but notice. People said, “love this,” “perfection,” and “Unrealllll!!!!”

The model is known for her bikini photos, and she posted yet another one just three days ago. Rose lounged on a white chair outside, as she wore a string bikini with a fun cut. She captioned the photo, “Waiting for bae like….” Demi also wore some big sunglasses and let her hair down. Both the photos were geo-tagged Ibiza, Spain.

The first photo of Demi on the ATV was taken by Gavin Glave, who’s a photographer from London. Her last two posts are of Demi, while she also has pictures of her friends Layla Ibernon and model Cherie Noel.

The Sun obtained other photos from the ATV photoshoot, which include a shot of Demi standing up on the ATV and looking back at the camera.

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Skrtttt skrt ???? @gavinglave

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The series of photos were taken to promote her Ibiza X collection for ISAWITFIRST.COM.

In other news, Demi is reportedly moving to the United States soon. This is what a source said, according to the Daily Star.

“Demi’s taking time out from Ibiza with her boyfriend and moving to US in October to crack the American market. She’s got a big fanbase in the US and lots of her fans actually think she’s American. She’ll still mainly be doing modelling and has some big things lined up with famous brands. Demi and Chris have already got a place together in Ibiza, but they’ll be living together in the US too.”


DJ Chris Martinez is Demi’s boyfriend. And it’s true that many fans believe that she’s American. When she released a video on her Instagram promoting her new app, many people were surprised to hear her British accent.

And while some people may believe Demi doesn’t have to do much to keep her physique, her trainer Dean Delandro can attest that she works hard for it, described the Daily Mail.

“Demi’s progress has really skyrocketed in the last two months with her new training programme. I currently train her 4-5 times per week depending on her workload and always squeeze a Saturday morning class together at Barry’s boot camp or equivalent.”