New Apple iPhone 6 Will Be Bigger, Heavier With Less Battery Life, Which Leaves Tech Experts Disappointed

Apple iPhone 6 will be getting some upgrades this year with two new models predicted to be introduced at Apple's annual launch event on September 9. However, the "upgraded" Apple iPhone 6 may be a disappointment to many tech experts and fans alike.

Although the Apple iPhone has been getting thinner year after year, the two new models will be different. The new Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be larger and heavier than their predecessor.

According to some insider reports and Forbes, the new Apple iPhone 6S device will measure 138.19 x 67.68 x 7.08 mm. while the iPhone 6S Plus is expected to be slightly thicker at 7.3 mm. The new iPhone 6 is expected to come in at a total weight of 51.2 grams, which is slightly heavier than before at 49.4 grams.

So why bigger and heavier?

Though the whole "bendgate" scandal last year over the Apple iPhone 6 really amounted to nothing, the company may have responded, anyway.

The new Apple iPhone 6 will be built using 7000 Series aluminum, making it more durable this time around and hopefully less likely to bend. The use of this new aluminum is most significantly responsible for the increased size and weight.

However, the new metal design is not the only reason. Currently only on the Apple Watch and Macbook's trackpad, the new Apple iPhone 6 will have a new Force Touch sensor included. This sensor allows the iPhone 6 to distinguish between a light and strong touch. This additional feature has also added to the size and weight of the device.

The quad-core processor will be upgraded in the new Apple iPhone 6 models. Previous models had a 1GB RAM dual-core processor, while this year expect a 2GB RAM. As many competitors use an octa-core processor with 4GB RAM in their devices, this is a late, but essential improvement that Apple needed to make.

As reported by Computer World, Apple iPhone 6 is rumored to have one new weakness that has some tech experts worried. The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will have lower battery capacities. Although not significant decreases from previous models, this will not help the Apple iPhone battery life poor reputation.

Yet, there is some good news for many Apple iPhone 6 consumers. Forbes is reporting the prices and storage options for the updated iPhone 6S's will likely remain unchanged from last year's model.

Although not yet official, iPhone 6S will start at $649 with 16GB storage capacity with a high end price of $849 with 128GB. The iPhone 6S Plus will run about $749 with the same 16GB storage and $949 with 128GB.

Initially, Apple planned to cut the 16GB storage option from the iPhone 6 and replace it with a 32GB option, but that isn't expected to happen now.

The new Apple iPhone 6 models are not yet available, so if you need a phone now, the Samsung Galaxy S6 may be a viable alternative. In a recent article from the Inquisitr, the Apple iPhone 6S not only shares the part of its name, but also many of its features as well.

Despite some experts and fans voicing their concerns, Apple isn't expecting the increased size and weight and decreased battery life to deter consumers from buying the iPhone 6 this year.

On September 9 in San Francisco, Apple will likely introduce the next generation Apple iPhone 6. It is expected to be available for pre-order September 11 and officially go on sale September 18. Currently, the company is amassing 85-90 million Apple iPhone 6 units in preparation for the launch.

In addition to the Apple iPhone 6 announcement, Apple is also expected to bring out a thinner iPad mini 4, an updated iPad Pro, and a re-engineered version of Apple TV.

[photo courtesy: Getty Images]