Traveling With Pets: Tips To Remember When Going Overseas

Owning a pet has become more common in the modern age. More and more people are now choosing to become pet parents. Today, owning a pet means an addition to the family. Pets are given the same consideration as any human member of the family — sometimes even more. So, it isn’t a surprise the pet parents are taking their fur babies overseas with them.

According to Global Pets, 60 percent of consumers in the world own pets. As a result, the pet industry is booming. There are now numerous businesses targeting the needs of pet parents from walking or grooming services to those that create tech with dog or cat owners in mind. The one sector that seems to be lagging in the pet industry, however, is travel.

Many pet parents are not taking their fur babies overseas with them on vacation. Before they even board the airplane or boat, though, pet owners should keep the tips below in mind.

Visit the Veterinarian

Countries and sometimes even portions of certain countries, like some individual states in the U.S., have different rules or guidelines that a pet must meet before entering their borders. One common requirement, however, would be for dogs and cats. Dog and cat owners should make sure that their pets’ vaccinations are all set. It is also important for the vet to check a pet’s current condition before travel and clear them before going overseas. Besides, pets need passports to travel, much like their human counterparts. Not every vet can issue a pet passport, though. Only those registered as a local veterinary inspector.

Keep in mind, though, that pet passports are only valid in certain countries. For instance, pet parents living in third-world countries may need to provide additional documentation to prove their pet’s good health.

Do Some Research

Before booking a ticket abroad, pet owners need to do their due diligence and research the area they are visiting. First, check if the country is pet-friendly. If it is, then search for pet-friendly accommodations. Once you know where you and your pet can rest for the night, look for places in the area that you and your pet could visit and enjoy together.

Don’t Forget To Pack For Your Pet, Too


Pets have some items they might want to bring with them overseas, too. So don’t forget to pack their necessities. Some items you may want to bring are at least two leashes, a blanket, and your pet’s favorite toy, advised Pet Travel. You might also want to bring some grooming equipment as well, like brushes. Pets will likely have to be in a carrier while in transit, too. Airlines and boats each prefer different types of carriers, so it’s best to do some research on that before leaving.

Make Daily Itineraries

To avoid any uncomfortable situations, have a set itinerary, suggested RVC Outdoor Destinations. With a plan in mind, you would know where around the area you can take your pet and where they are prohibited.

Pet parents should know that taking their pet on vacation comes with extra expenses. According to Consumer Reports, there are pre-travel expenses which account for visiting the vet. Then, airlines and other modes of transportation can charge hundreds of dollars to transport pets. Pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, and other tourist spots may be costly as well.