‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’ Stars Cara Maria Sorbello And Paulie Calafiore Share Spicy Twitter Exchange


Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore of MTV’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning have been dating for several months now after meeting just ahead of the show. The two are not shy about expressing themselves online, and while most of the time they address the show, once in a while fans and followers are treated to a snippet of their relationship.

Yesterday, Paulie tweeted out a hot and heavy tweet directed at Cara Maria. The tweet may have been a little TMI for some, but certainly, let followers know that the couple was doing just fine.

“I mean….. if you can’t talk dirty enough to your girl on the phone long distance to the point where y’all need to FaceTime later and handle that business are you really in the right relationship?!” he tweeted.

Paulie paired the tweet with a gif of Harley Quinn and the Joker from Suicide Squad. Cara ended up liking the tweet and then responded with a photo of herself dressed up as Harley Quinn. The two then began a back-and-forth session where they posted photos of themselves dressed up as characters from the movie, which somehow ended with a photo of Cara Maria dressed up as Wonder Woman.

The Big Brother alum then continued with his TMI comments.

“Hey girl… come wrap that lasso of truth around me… and by lasso of truth, I mean your legs,” he commented on the Wonder Woman photo of Cara.

Comments from fans seemed to be split down the middle between those supporting the couple and the saucy exchange, versus those who found it annoying and gross. Either way, Paulie and Cara don’t seem to mind those who don’t support their relationship, and aren’t afraid to express themselves however they please.


The two began dating at the end of taping this season of The Challenge, and faced plenty of scrutiny online as Paulie cheated on his girlfriend Danielle Maltby at the time. Both Cara and Paulie were open about the scandal and apologized for their behavior, but admitted to being so drawn to each other they just couldn’t put it on hold.

Cara admitted they were dating back in July to Us Weekly, and spoke highly of her new beau.

“When he’s with me, he’s hands on. Holding my hand, telling me I’m beautiful even when I’m disgusting first thing in the morning. You can feel the adrenaline pouring out of his skin when we touch. It is electric,” she said.

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