Kym Herjavec Heads To The ‘Shark Tank’ Set With The Twins To ‘See Daddy do Some Deals (Or Not!)’

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Kym Herjavec, Robert’s wife, recently headed to the Shark Tank set to visit him, bringing their twins along for the ride. She shared an adorable photo on Instagram of herself pushing a double stroller, with just the twins’ feet peeking through. She looked great, wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress and some flat sandals. The backdrop shows some parked cars in front of Stage 24, which has a giant billboard of the Shark Tank cast. Kym captioned the picture, “Set visit to see Daddy do some deals ( Or Not!)”

Her fans said that they love the show, as moms went crazy trying to guess what type of stroller she was using. Someone said, “Wow I bet everyone loved seeing them!!” while others commented, “You are absolutely stunning…you don’t even look like you had twins.”

Herjavec also shared a photo of herself looking great at the Emmys, saying “Mom and Dad out on the town.” In the picture, she’s wearing a metallic-pink dress with a high-to-low cut that showed off her left leg. Robert wore a nice gray suit with black pants. People couldn’t help but notice how happy the couple looked, with one saying, “Now that’s what happiness looks like.” Another fan wanted to know, “Do you think you will ever do dancing with the stars again? Do you miss it?I’m sure you are crazy busy with the babies.. who are absolutely adorable…”

On the other hand, Robert gave an interview last February where he encouraged millennials to dream bigger. This is what he said.

“Dream bigger because you can do more. I didn’t understand what I was capable of as a 20 something and with the power of technology today, millennials have the world at their fingertips.”

He also noted that there had yet to be a cyber-security related pitch on Shark Tank so far, but wondered if there would be one in the upcoming season.

Over the years, America’s gotten to know Robert as he sits in as a regular cast member on Shark Tank. He’s invested in many successful companies, including PupBox, Goverre, and Radiate. His website reveals that he’s a leading investor on the show. One of his more well-known investments was in Tipsy Elves. They sell funny graphic T-shirts, as well as holiday-centric merchandise like Christmas and patriotic clothing. His other investment in Radiate has worked out well, which is a company that sells portable campfires that burns up to 3-5 hours at a time.