Angela Simmons Flaunts All Her Curves In A Metallic Thong Bikini

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Growing Up Hip Hop’s Angela Simmons showed off her body in a metallic bikini yesterday on Instagram. The top and bottom are both pretty tiny, with some light purple string accents. It’s hard to notice at first, but she posed in front of a mirror, giving away that she’s actually wearing a thong bikini bottom. Angela captioned the photo with music emojis, saying, “Actin up… I can care less what ya think.” Her fans were wowed and told her to ignore all of the haters. People loved the bikini, said she was “too beautiful,” and people also wished her an early happy birthday. Because although her actual birthday is on September 18, she had her official celebration last night.

The party poster was pretty sleek, with a flattering photo of Angela and gold lettering. It was at the Exchange Miami in Florida. She also posted two more photos of some flattering outfits, which she might have worn to the party. One is a white and silver strapless dress that looks inspired by the flapper style, which she paired with some silver heels. She wore her hair in a middle part and looked great. She also posted another photo that she captioned “P A R T 2,” where she’s wearing a leopard-print mini-dress with long sleeves.

For this outfit, she wore some black heels with studs and a necklace. Fans wanted to know how her birthday party went, but so far she hasn’t said anything about it. But judging on her newest video, it was probably a good time because she looked like she was in a great mood.

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At any rate, the bikini photo was taken by Ted Joseph, who only has 25 posts on Instagram. His latest post is from June 24, and it features none other than Angela. She’s seen wearing a coverup and a small turquoise thong bikini while walking around, and also as she lays in a pool. The backdrop looks like a tropical paradise, and the video included some scenic shots of the ocean, some flowers, and palm trees. Joseph also has photos of other models who are posing in revealing outfits.

Angela’s come a long way since when she first announced her pregnancy when she received a ton of backlash for having a child out of wedlock. This was made worse by the fact that she publicly encouraged abstinence. This is what she had to say about it, according to Dallas Black.

“Obviously my goal was to wait. Remember we had that conversation [on ‘Run’s House]. They always haunt me about that…that we had that ‘conversation.’ But, for me, it is what it is. I’m not perfect. I never said I was perfect. I was just discussing where I was at in my life at that point. And things change all the time. It changed and that’s just what it was.”