Fugitive Who Threatened To Shoot Donald Trump Stole a Truck Overnight, Authorities Say

Ron JenkinsGetty Images

Shawn Christy of McAdoo has somehow eluded law enforcement for almost two months. The 27-year old New Jersey native first garnered unwanted attention from authorities due to some online threats he posed on Facebook.

CNBC reports that Christy posted threats against Northampton County’s District Attorney, saying he would put a bullet in his head, but only after he put one in President Donald J. Trump, which prompted authorities to issue a federal warrant for his arrest.

Christy is also wanted in Philadelphia for charges related to burglary, probation, and failure to appear in court in an aggravated assault case. Now, authorities allege that overnight, he stole a truck from the same business he robbed earlier this month.

The truck was reported stolen at 12:30 a.m. from Skitco Iron Works. Christy is believed to have stolen food, money, and a shotgun from the Hazle Township business earlier this month.

“Federal agents are considering Christy a suspect in this vehicle theft because Christy is believed to have burglarized the same business on Sept. 5th and was known to still be in the immediate area,” the U.S. Marshals said in a statement Sunday.

Christy has also been in touch with his parents via Facebook since eluding law enforcement. His parents, who reside in Maple Shade, New Jersey, said they received a message from him where he stated he was slowed down and may have broken a knee during a Maryland getaway. He also told them to stay safe and said he had a mission to complete.

Federal authorities are still looking for Christy, who is believed to be armed and dangerous. He has stated he will use lethal force on any law enforcement personnel who try to stop him, and that may include civilians. Federal authorities have offered a $20,000 for information leading to his whereabouts and capture, but they have also encouraged the public to use caution as Christy is armed.

This is not the first threat that has been made against President Trump, who is protected full time by the Secret Service. Michael Steven Sandford was arrested in 2016 after stealing a gun from police at a Trump rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sandford, 20, said at the time that he wished to kill Trump so he would not be elected President. He planned for a year, buying tickets to rallies in Las Vegas and Arizona. Sandford, a British citizen, was deported back to the United Kingdom in 2017.