Emily Ratajkowski Posts Revealing Selfie In Black Thong

Emily Ratajkowski is baring all on Sunday morning.

The model took to Instagram to share a very revealing selfie, showing herself in a full-length mirror while wearing only a black thong and a very small white shirt. The picture gained some immediate viral attention, garnering thousands of likes and supportive comments.

Ratajkowski's selfie came just a few days after she turned heads at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 show in New York City. As AOL.com noted, the model and actress sat alongside rapper Nicki Minaj in the front row at the show and posed for pictures during the 90-minute delay for the show to start.

"While Emily is known for sexy red carpet glam and candid street style, the 27-year-old model took a step back from her usual personal style and walked right into a fashion-forward moment with confidence," the report noted. "She sported an unusual, but chic ginormous rosette crop top that was draped to the floor, mirroring much of what Marc Jacobs debuted on the runway."

Emily Ratajkowski has been getting attention whether she's attending fashion shows, posting bathroom selfies, or just walking her dog. This week, the 27-year-old gained attention while taking her dog for a walk around Manhattan. As the Daily Mail noted, Ratajkowski was stylishly dressed as she perused storefronts during her stroll.

As Ratajkowski recently said, she has a bigger strategy in mind when sharing revealing pictures on social media. In a recent interview with Paper magazine, Emily said she views her Instagram page as more than just an outlet to share pictures of herself, but rather an outlet to espouse her views on society.

"I think of my Instagram as a magazine," she said. "It's a sexy feminist magazine."

EmRata, as she's known on Instagram, said she doesn't see herself as an activist per se, but does think of herself as a feminist who is passionate about social issues.

"I think that the whole idea that because the body I was given might play into some patriarchal idea, I should be ashamed of it or be covering it up is ridiculous. I find empowerment in celebrating and sharing my sexuality. I think my body is beautiful and a lot of different bodies are beautiful," she said.

Those who want to check out more of Emily Ratajkowski's "sext feminist magazine" --- or just check out her revealing selfies --- can see all the action on her Instagram page.