Fan Bingbing, A Top Chinese Actress, Has Disappeared And May Be Behind Bars

Top Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has disappeared without a trace and has not been seen publicly since June. There are a number of theories of where the highest paid actress in China has gone and why, with several sources saying that she is being imprisoned by her country's government.

Deadline is reporting that Bingbing, who has been seen by international audiences in the X-Men franchise and appears all over China in ads and commercials, was heard from last when she mentioned on social media that she was headed to a Tibet hospital in June to visit sick children. Several sources say they believe Bingbing's disappearance is related to a tax evasion matter, and she may be in a Chinese prison.

On September 6, a clue surfaced as to Bingbing's whereabouts. Securities Daily, a Chinese state-run publication, said that the actress had been brought "under control and about to receive legal judgment."

There have been no official comments by the government and there is no record of Bingbing being charged with anything on the record.

Fergus Ryan, a cyber analyst with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said that the very wealthy in China walk a fine line.

"If you are a billionaire, then that is something that obviously you can enjoy to a certain extent, but you've got to be very, very wary that you don't at any stage cross a red line of some sort and fall afoul of the Chinese Communist Party."
News Australia is asking how it's possible that someone with 65 million social media followers vanishes. Fans want to know what has happened to 36-year-old Bingbing, and they are not letting up.

Back in May, Chinese TV presenter Cui Yongyuan publicly accused Bingbing of tax evasion, sharing contracts for upcoming movies in an effort to show what the actress was pulling in versus what she was paying to the government. He stated that when this was proven, Bingbing would be dealt with by the Chinese government.

"If violations of tax laws and regulations are found, they will be handled in strict accordance with the law."
An article that ran in Securities Daily mentioned Bingbing by name, but it has now been deleted.

It said that tax evasion accusations were the "the tip of the iceberg," and "she is also suspected of participating in illegal lending and other forms of corruption. In the worst case, she faces legal punishment."

But another source, a Hong Kong tabloid, says that Bingbing has fled China and is seeking asylum in Los Angeles.