Kim Kardashian Not Creating A Line Of Dolls Based On Her Famous Family, Per ‘Gossip Cop’

Presley AnnGetty Images

Kim Kardashian has been rumored to be breaking into the toy business and creating a line of dolls that are based off of her famous family.

According to a recent report by Gossip Cop, although the rumors have been circulating about Kim Kardashian’s alleged latest project, they are not true, and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has no plans to create a line of toys based on her family.

The report originated from OK! Magazine, who previously claimed that Kim was looking to get into the toy business and market Kardashian/Jenner dolls. The magazine also stated that Kim was ready to hire her young daughter, North West, as her “chief doll officer.”

“Kim’s involving her daughter in every step of the process, from how the dolls look to their clothing,” a source is quoted as saying, and later adds that Kardashian is ready to take on this new business opportunity in order to “teach North that she’s important and could lead a prosperous business someday, just like her mom.”

However, Gossip Cop claims that the reports simply aren’t true, and that the rumors of the Kardashian/Jenner family being turned into dolls has been circulating online off and on since 2012.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kim Kardashian already has a Barbie-like shape to her body, and has been working hard to achieve her fitness goals. The reality star recently revealed that she’s been working with a body builder for a year in order to gain muscle, lose weight, and tone up her famous physique.

Kardashian stunned fans when she admitted that she spends more than an hour at the gym every single day, and that she has lost over 20 pounds since starting the process, bringing her weight down to a mere 116 pounds.

“She doesn’t miss a single workout — even if she’s exhausted and running on no sleep she pushes through. She’s planning to get defined muscles, even more defined than they already are,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

In addition, Kim Kardashian is not done working on her body yet. She wants to continue her rigorous workouts to see what else she can achieve by hitting the gym every day.

“Kim has never been more proud of her body. She’s really blown away with how far she’s come. She’s curious to see what else she can accomplish, but Kim’s not trying to lose any more weight. That’s not her goal,” an insider added.