Jessica Chastain Is The Face Of The New Ralph Lauren Fragrance, 'Woman'

Oscar-winning actor Jessica Chastain is the new spokeswoman for the new Ralph Lauren fragrance, Woman, and as the face of the perfume, she made an appearance at the New York and London launches of the scent in support of the hashtag "Leadlikeawoman" initiative.

The Hollywood Reporter said that the events in both cities were star-studded, with supporters of the Ralph Lauren brand and the women's empowerment charity making the scene in NYC and London. The New York launch coincided with the 50th-anniversary party for the Ralph Lauren brand and was outdoors in Central Park.

Chastain said she had a great time at the party, which was attended by Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Kanye West, and Chance the Rapper. Beef flown in from Lauren's Colorado ranch was served for dinner by the Bethesda Fountain.

"I was one of the last people there because I didn't want to leave. As an adult, I grew up in New York, and that's my favorite part of the park."

Chastain then flew to London for the European debut of the fragrance, Woman, at a cocktail party at Mayfair's Dragon Room, which was attended by Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey and activist Rose McGowan.

Chastain said she was convinced to be the face of the new Ralph Lauren perfume because she liked the fragrance but also because of the company's commitment to the launch of the Lead Like A Woman initiative. The goal of the initiative is to "close the leadership gap between men and women" and to promote positive female role models.

With the current times and the one year anniversary of the Me Too movement, Chastain says she thinks the time is right for a fragrance that is all about the empowerment of women everywhere.

"About a year or so ago, when things started happening, I said, 'It's done, things will never be the same.' Women have really rallied up, we're just not taking it anymore."

Ralph Lauren's Woman is a metaphor for its purpose. The scent is a mix of light white flowers and sandalwood, which combines "something delicate and something strong," says Chastain.

"There used to be this fairytale image of meadows, flowers, and princesses. I love how strong the image is, that it's black-and-white, that I'm in a suit but it's feminine. The whole message of the campaign is that the idea of femininity is evolving."

The bottle design for the Ralph Lauren's Woman resembles a stylish flask or lighter, complete with brass hardware.