‘Big Brother’ 20: JC Tries To Convince Angela That Tyler Is Gay

Cliff LipsonCBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

There’s good gameplay, and then there is ridiculous gameplay in the Big Brother house. The latter appears to be the choice of remaining houseguest JC Mounduix, who is doing all he can to ensure he doesn’t go home this week. As the Inquisitr previously reported, JC is currently on the block next to Sam Bledsoe after being nominated by Head of Household Angela Rummans. Although JC is not the true target, he still could potentially go home if Sam pulls through with the Power of Veto win.

Big Brother Network is reporting that JC has been trying to convince Angela that her showmance partner, Tyler Crispen, is gay. While Tyler and Angela have not publically announced their romance to their houseguests, JC has been the most suspicious of their relationship for the past few weeks.

JC reportedly compared Tyler to an ex-boyfriend of his, who was extremely focused on his looks like he believes Tyler is. As to be expected, Angela took this conversation to Tyler. Upon hearing the story, Tyler told Angela that JC is trying to do anything he can to save himself in the game. The two then debated on whether JC was trying to convince Tyler himself that he was gay, to which both agreed he was.

It appears as if JC is trying to put doubt in Angela’s mind to break up the showmance he suspects is happening. The Miami dancer has wanted to boot Angela and Kaycee Clark out for the last two weeks and has been trying to keep Tyler as close as possible. This could also be a tactic in case Sam wins the POV and pulls herself off the block. Angela would have to put someone else up for eviction and would have to choose between Tyler and Kaycee.

This isn’t the first time sexuality has been brought up in the Big Brother house. Just recently, some of the houseguests were questioning if Faysal Shafaat and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams were gay based upon how they carried themselves. Kaycee got a lot of heat on Twitter for discussing and projecting other people’s sexualities, even causing Swaggy C to tweet about it all online.

Whether Big Brother will air the conversation between Angela and JC regarding Tyler’s sexuality remains to be seen.

Big Brother has changed its schedule timing for this week with two evictions set to play out. Catch the CBS show when it hits the air on Sunday and Wednesday for the first eviction at 8 p.m. EST, and Thursday for the second eviction at 9 p.m. EST.