Lingerie-Clad Amber Rose Rocks Fit Physique Nine Months After Plastic Surgery

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Amber Rose spotlighted her sleek physique on Instagram by modeling body-hugging lingerie that accentuated her recent weight loss. Rose looks fit and healthy nine months after she underwent breast-reduction plastic surgery.

Rose has been busy organizing the upcoming 2018 Amber Rose event which takes place in Los Angeles on October 6. The protest marches demand an end to rape culture, including victim-blaming and the “sl*t-shaming” of rape and sexual assault victims.

On its website, organizers write: “Sl*t,” a word that exploded into disturbing context after a Toronto police officer told a crowd of college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sl*ts. Infuriated women across the country, outraged by this comment united to take a stand.”

Got Breast Reduction In January

Rose, a former stripper and ex-girlfriend of music icon Kanye West, has recounted in past interviews that she was repeatedly called a “sl*t” since she was a pre-teen because she was busty. As a result, Amber said she had a love-hate relationship with her naturally large breasts.

While Rose used her body during her 20s to earn money as a stripper, the daily inconveniences of being so busty was a constant drag. So in January 2018, Amber underwent breast-reduction plastic surgery, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Amber downsized from a size 36H bra cup to a 36DDD and said she’s thrilled with her newly streamlined body.

After years of being appreciated by men for her ponderous chest, Rose confessed that she was worried she wouldn’t feel sexy anymore.

But the mom of one said she decided to get plastic surgery because the physical inconveniences of her large breasts outweighed any positives she felt they brought.

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“I was scared that I wouldn’t feel sexy anymore, but it got to the point where I literally was in pain,” Rose told People. “It was almost as if I had like a heavy backpack on my chest.”

In addition to chronic back and neck pain, Amber said her massive chest made her extremely self-conscious about her clothing choices and prevented her from being able to exercise properly.

After getting the breast reduction, Rose also underwent cellulite-removal laser treatment and lost weight. She’s now thrilled with her slimmer, trimmer bikini body.

Amber said her weight loss secrets were a portion-controlled diet and regular exercise sessions that combine cardio, yoga, light weightlifting, and calisthenics.

“I love to eat and I don’t believe in denying myself, so I have to work out,” Rose said. Amber said one of her favorite workouts is running on the treadmill for an hour while listening to her favorite music.