‘Big Brother 20’s’ Brett Robinson Says He Regrets Not Blowing Up Tyler Crispen’s Game In His Eviction Speech

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Brett Robinson has a few regrets about his Big Brother game. The most recently evicted houseguest on the CBS summertime reality show has revealed that he wishes he had tried to convince his former housemates to keep him during his speech just before the live vote.

In an interview with TV Guide, Robinson admitted he should have dropped some bombs in his speech instead of protecting his final two deal with Tyler Crispen and the Level Six alliance that includes Crispen, Angela Rummans, and Kaycee Clark.

I wish I had blown up my Final 2 with Tyler and focused more of my speech trying to convince JC and Kaycee to keep me. In that scenario, I was caught off guard, I wasn’t prepared. I tried to go a simple route and didn’t spread any paranoia, and just deny ’til I die.”

Robinson also addressed his habit of dropping bombs in some of his previous keep-me speeches—often bombs that were untrue and geared to stir up drama in the house. The ousted Big Brother houseguest explained that the phony bombshells were all part of his grand plan to make it to the final two with his former wingman, and, hopefully, beat him.

“It actually would have enabled me in my finale speech to say ‘Tyler and I went different courses and arrived at the same spot on finale night. He was never nominated, whereas I had to hang on and fight tooth and nail to stay in the house. Tyler never had to face that adversity in the game, but my back was against the wall the whole time.”

Early this season, when Robinson was up on the chopping block against his Level Six alliance member Rachel Swindler, he threw her under the bus to save himself, telling the other housemates that she part of a phony all-girls alliance which he called “The Maneaters.”

Robinson also caused major chaos by “exposing” ex-houseguest Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, using his eviction ceremony speech to falsely announce that she was going to betray her alliance by evicting Winston Hines, despite the fact that her closest allies would be voting to evict Brett. Rockstar and Brett later had it out when she exploded at him for slandering her—on her daughter’s birthday of all days.

After his eviction from the Big Brother house, Robinson told Parade he targeted Rockstar in his big eviction night speech to cover his tracks with the people he knew would keep him in the house.

“I knew I would never get Rockstar’s vote, so I didn’t care if she was upset with me. I wanted to cause enough paranoia that they thought the flip vote was Kaitlyn [Herman] because she was easily influenced. We were just trying to cover up the flip vote which was really JC and Tyler, so those people didn’t know who to trust.”

Brett Robinson is now part of the Big Brother jury, so he won’t have to worry about any of his eviction speeches coming back to haunt him on finale night.

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday on CBS.