Eminem And Machine Gun Kelly Feud Draws Blood In Atlanta

The feud between rappers Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly heated up recently when both artists released diss tracks and called each other out. Now, the conflict has drawn blood.

Many other celebrities (and fans) have commented on the situation, and Inquisitr reported that rapper Iggy Azalea called out the "Killshot" singer as being lazy for using celebrity namedrops to complete his rhymes. Unfortunately, actor Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez weighed in on the drama in person, and Machine Gun Kelly's bodyguards beat him up, according to a TMZ report.

In Atlanta on Friday night, Rodriguez walked up to MGK and recorded himself confronting the rapper. At one point, a father of three, Rodriguez said, "I'm gonna say it because it has to be said, you're a p***y for going for family!"

Back in 2012, MGK tweeted that "The Real Slim Shady" rapper's daughter Hailie, who was 16 at the time, was hot. Hailie's dad didn't care much for the rapper saying that about his underage daughter, and their beef began.

As for Rodriguez, after he turned off his video, five of Kelly's bodyguards confronted him, and the bar's management asked Rodriguez to leave. Later, at a nearby Hampton Inn, the rapper's group and Rodriguez tangled again, and a cop tried to stop the struggle, but Kelly called the cop names including "pig" and worse, and the policeman did not put a stop to it.

When the entire situation moved into the hotel's lobby, Rodriguez offered to fight them one at a time, but instead, all five of Kelly's bodyguards jumped him at once and beat the Ozark actor to a pulp.

Although Kelly didn't get involved in the fight, he stood by while his bodyguards beat the actor. Rodriguez already hired a lawyer. He said, "I will drop the lawsuit if we both sign waivers and meet in an octagon and go man-to-man without goons or weapons."

If that doesn't happen, Rodriguez plans to sue the rapper for the damage his group caused including serious facial wounds.

In "Killshot" Eminem called out MGK with the bars, "You ain't never made a list next to no Biggie, no Jay/Next to Taylor Swift, and that Iggy h*e, you about to really blow" among several others. It's those lyrics that resulted in Azalea's calling Eminem lazy. However, nobody from Eminem's camp beat up the "Kream" rapper, and hopefully, nobody will go after her over speaking her mind.

As for Rodriguez, it's likely the trouble between him and Machine Gun Kelly is finished at this point, and this feud between Eminem and MGK continues to grow larger.