‘White Collar’ Scheduled To Leave Netflix Next Month

Jason Merritt Getty Images

All six seasons of the USA series White Collar are scheduled for removal from the Netflix U.S. library in October of 2018. As some long term Netflix subscribers know, this comedic crime fighting themed series has been available in the streaming library since 2011.

The removal of White Collar stems from Netflix’s strive to regularly refresh the content in their library by removing older titles and replacing them with newer ones. When contracts between Netflix and major networks – such as USA – come up for renewal for the content of smaller, older titles such as White Collar, the streaming giant often decides it isn’t in their best interest to renew the contract.

At the moment, White Collar is scheduled for removal from the Netflix library on October 1. At this time, What’s On Netflix does not believe the contract to keep the USA series in the streaming library will be renewed.

Series Background

White Collar is a USA series that aired from 2009 to 2014. The series follows the story of white collar criminal Neal Caffrey and those close to him. After evading capture by Peter Burke, an FBI agent, for years, Neal’s freedom finally comes to an end. Peter, however, later discovers Neal’s connection to the white collar criminal world to be extremely valuable and pulls him out of jail as a consultant to the FBI.

What’s On Netflix speculates the streaming giant is likely removing the series because it does not see any more value in keeping the series in its library. The streaming giant focuses most of its attention on renewing and gaining contracts on newer content as the newer content tends to draw in more subscribers. While Netflix doesn’t make their viewing stats public, it stands to reason that a decline in people viewing White Collar is likely why the streaming giant is removing the series.

This isn’t the first USA series to depart from Netflix. One of the last notable series to be removed was Psych. Unfortunately for those hoping for an alternative, White Collar is not available on Hulu or Amazon Prime Video for free. As Psych is currently available for free with an Amazon Prime membership, there is a chance White Collar could also become available there after it is removed from the Netflix streaming service.

Anyone with an interest in watching the series from start to finish once more should start binging on it now to make it through all six seasons before Netflix pulls the series on October 1.