‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Week 12 Nominations Revealed

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Week 12 of Big Brother Season 20.

Week 12 of Big Brother has been the most dramatic by far this season, with the first double eviction playing out last Thursday. The first houseguest to be sent to the jury house on Thursday night was none other than Haleigh Broucher, which was to be expected. In a shocking twist, “Level 6” alliance member Brett Robinson was sent home in a backdoor blindside before the hour was up.

As the Inquisitr reported on Thursday night, Angela won the next Head of Household competition, dethroning her showmance partner, Tyler Crispen, who held the position for roughly a few hours. After brief discussions with her “Level 6” alliance members, it seemed like Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix were going to be placed on the block for eviction. That’s just what happened, as Big Brother Network can confirm the two outsiders were officially put up for eviction by Angela on Friday evening.

For now, it appears as if Sam is the target with JC only going up as the pawn. JC has been given this information, but no one in the house is being 100 percent truthful with Sam. Angela noted that JC and Sam would likely get more votes from the jury if either of them made it to final two, solidifying the “Level 6” plan of making it to the final three together.

Sam and JC nominated for eviction in Week 12
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After being nominated, JC became worried about what Brett was going to tell the current members of the jury. Bayleigh Dayton, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Faysal Shafaat, Scottie Salton, and Haleigh will now be privy to the fact that JC has been working with the opposite side of the house for the entire season, despite being friends with both alliances. JC feels he has more blood on his hands than any other houseguest and currently doesn’t feel great about his shot at winning the $500,000.

JC then admitted to Tyler that the lifeguard would have a better chance going to the final two with him than he would Kaycee Clark, who appears to be on good terms with everyone in the jury house and those still in the house. JC would like to make it to the final three with Tyler and Sam and hopes to knock out either Angela Rummans or Kaycee this week. This plan could only work if Sam or JC wins the Power of Veto and removes themselves from the block. That would be highly unlikely as Sam and JC only have one competition win between them for the entire season.

Big Brother has changed its schedule timing for this week with two evictions set to play out. Catch the CBS show when it hits the air Sunday and Wednesday for the first eviction at 8 p.m. EST, and Thursday for the second eviction at 9 p.m. EST.