Gina Loudon Explains Why She Called Trump The ‘Most Sound-Minded’ President Ever In New Book

Alex WongGetty Images

Gina Loudon, the Republican author and presidential advisor whose new book, Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy, notably referred to Donald Trump as the “most sound-minded” president in U.S. history, made a podcast appearance just days after the president praised her book on Twitter, touching on topics such as the “bloodless revolution” that was Trump’s election as president and the reasons why she feels the president has such a sound mind.

On the latest episode of the Conservative Book Club Podcast, which was posted Saturday on Townhall, Loudon sat down with host Christopher Malagisi and explained why she feels Trump’s election represents a “bloodless revolution” for Americans seeking a leader with a “common sense, practical approach” to politics. This, according to Loudon, was one of the main themes discussed in Mad Politics, as she devoted an entire chapter to discussing why she believes this is the case.

“The common sense, practical approach to politics possibly, not just saved our republic but also the entire world. I think it’s amazing and miraculous and I hope people can smile about [it] for a second rather than just being so swept away with the constant bad news and rumors of division and all the other things we see flying across our televisions every day.”

Moving on to the topic of Donald Trump being the “most sound-minded” president, Gina Loudon said that a lot of it has to do with his upbringing and his birth order, and how past personal experiences convinced him to shun all forms of vices.

“Amazingly, this president was equipped very well from a young age [by] a family that fortified him in ways that only they could,” said Loudon.

“He lost a brother to an addiction to alcoholism [sic] and not only has that affected his role in the opioid epidemic but also, that affected his own personal life where he says, ‘I’m not going to drink, I’m not going to smoke, I’m not going to engage in behaviors that I know to be addictive.”

While Loudon stressed that she still sees Trump as having an addictive personality, she told Malagisi that the president is addicted to “progress,” which she feels is what drives him to have such levels of energy and motivation. She also suggested that Trump isn’t bothered by the criticism he receives from his detractors, including Bob Woodward, author of the recently published Fear. Loudon described Woodward as someone whose previous books have been “discredited” by several former presidents, including Democrats Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

The podcast appearance came two days after Donald Trump took to Twitter to offer succinct praise to Gina Loudon and her new book, simply writing “Gina is great!” in response to a Republican National Committee spokeswoman’s tweet about Mad Politics. As the book’s jacket listed Loudon as having a Ph.D. in psychology, the Daily Beast offered a detailed analysis of the key points made in Mad Politics, citing several psychological experts who believe Loudon, who reportedly has a Ph.D. in “human and organization systems” from the internet-based Fielding Graduate University, is not qualified to assess Trump in such a way.