The Adorable Way Princess Charlotte Makes Guests Feel Welcome

She's just 3-years-old, but the only daughter in Britain's current crop of young royals has already developed a strong hostess personality. Princess Charlotte, daughter of William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, apparently loves welcoming guests to Kensington Palace.

Express reports that, per a royal source, Charlotte is very outgoing and loves meeting new people, especially guests of her mother and father. While some little children might hide behind their mum and dad or go suddenly quiet when faced with a new person, not Charlotte. The young princess apparently makes it a point to greet every guest and ensure their comfort. She is unafraid to meet new people and will instead go out of her way to do so.

"She'll come up to guests and ask them if they want tea or coffee or offer them sweets — so adorable!" the insider said.

Getty Images | Andrew Milligan
Princess Charlotte waves to crowds gathered for Harry and Meghan's wedding.

Her impressive confidence was on display when she and her brother George went to meet their newest sibling, Prince Louis, just after he was born. Rather than cringe and hide, Charlotte waved to crowds gathered outside the Lindo Wing on her way in to greet her newest playmate. She even turned back for a final wave as she entered the building.

Queen Elizabeth has also said that Charlotte is in charge, looking after her brother despite him being older.

It's apparent that the young princess has a strong personality and is a naturally gifted hostess. It makes sense - her mum, Kate Middleton, grew up in a family of party planners. It must be in their blood to ensure guest's comfort whenever they visit.

Young Princess Charlotte appears at ease in front of the press, telling them at Prince Louis' christening "You're not coming!" much to the delight of the press who were gathered. She wanted them to know they were not invited to the private party for her little brother.

In addition to hosting, the young princess enjoys horseback riding. She started when she was just two years old and has continued the lessons, perhaps taking after her father and uncle who both enjoy a game of polo.

In addition to riding, Charlotte shares another interest with her brother George. The royal siblings both love reading and have often been spotted reading a book together. It sounds like the pair is growing up to be well-rounded and educated, which will serve them well in the royal spotlight.