Prince Harry Turns 34: Here’s How He Has Changed His Style Over The Years

Danny Lawson - WPA PoolGetty Images

Prince Harry’s turning 34 today, and it is obvious that 33 was a terrific year for the fun-loving prince. He married the woman of his dreams, Meghan Markle, in a lavish ceremony. By all accounts, they’re enjoying being newlyweds, and Meghan is acclimating nicely to royal life. The pair has even added a new rescue dog, Oz, to their family. He’s named after the place where they first toured together, Australia.

They always make a stunning pair, and Meghan is incredibly stylish, beautiful, and elegant whenever she appears in public. But the duchess’s new husband is no slouch in the fashion department, either. Harry’s style has evolved over the years and now he has settled into a look that perfectly complements his stunning wife. Footwear News has done the research on Harry’s style over the years and pointed out a few of the highlights in his ever-changing look.

The prince’s current look is mostly highly tailored, polished suits. For his and Meghan’s engagement announcement, Harry wore a dark blue suit paired with shiny black shoes. This classic look is perfect for his daily life of representing the royal family at countless events, meetings, and functions. People expect the royal family to suit up and play the part, and Harry (and brother William) never disappoints. It helps that Harry is clearly familiar with getting suits perfectly tailored, but it also doesn’t hurt that the prince is tall, handsome, and in good physical shape.

For his wedding to Meghan, Harry stepped it up even further by wearing his military dress uniform. Both princes tend to wear their military uniforms for large public events focused on the military. But that’s not the only time Harry looks dashing. On the polo field, he wears breathable T-shirts and traditional polo gear for a sporty and simple look.

Even as a child, Harry was aware of coordinating looks. He and William often were photographed attending church and other formal events in matching blazers. As toddlers, they even wore matching yellow shorts and shiny black shoes, emulating a classic British schoolboy look. The same look is now seen on William’s young sons.

Even when dressed casually in trainers, jeans, and a jumper, the Duke of Sussex does so with a refined, elegant style that shows he has matured from his schoolboy days. His thatch of ginger hair and devilish grin prove, however, that he is still the same fun-loving Harry everyone is fond of.