Mac Miller's Will Reveals How His Million Dollar Fortune Will Be Divided

Mac Miller ensured that his parents would get most of his million dollar fortune after his death. According to an article published by The Blast, Miller established a trust and will in 2013 and named his mom and dad as trustees. He also named his lawyer, David Byrnes, as the administrator of the estate. If Byrnes is for some reason unable to act as administrator, the rapper's brother, Miller McCormick, will get the role.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Mac Miller died with a reported net worth of $14 million which he generated as a result of music sales and tours.

The Blast adds that while it's likely that there are people who will be beneficiaries of the trust, his parents will get access to the majority of his wealth now that he is deceased.

The actual value of the estate or the amount of money therein has not been disclosed.

The fact that the "Self-Care" rapper made sure that he had a trust and a will allows his family to avoid the wrangling over money we often see when a celebrity dies.

As Forbes reports, Prince, for example, did not leave behind a will or an estate plan. As a result, none of his six siblings have inherited a dime of his estimated $200 million fortune. The hands of the executor of his estate are tied because the IRS has to determine the estate's value and it has to be a number that the executor agrees with. Even though Prince's family hasn't gotten any money, the executor has received millions of dollars in legal fees.

Mac Miller died on September 7 of a suspected overdose. While he openly shared about his struggles with addiction in the past, the Los Angeles coroner declared that the cause of death could not be determined after the first autopsy. As The Blast notes, the medical examiner's decision hinges on the results of toxicology tests.

In an interview with the police, Miller's assistant revealed that he used cocaine, prescription meds, and opiates. He also had a problem with alcohol, the assistant said. Miller was charged with a DUI less than a month before his death.

Miller's funeral is expected to take place in the next couple of days in Pittsburgh, his hometown. In a chilling twist of fate, he will reportedly be buried in a cemetery where he filmed one of his music videos. According to The Blast, his family was photographed at the Homewood Cemetery, presumably in preparation for the funeral. Homewood Cemetery is the same place where Miller recorded parts of the video for his song, "Nikes On My Feet."