Nine Inch Nails Kicks Off New Tour Performing Entire ‘Broken’ EP

Selling out venues across the United States isn’t anything new for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, the only two official members of Nine Inch Nails. However, performing multiple nights at smaller venues is not something Nine Inch Nails has done on a long-f0rm tour since becoming a household name.

Recently, the band, along with regular touring members like Robin Finck and Ilan Rubin, embarked on their “Cold and Black and Infinite” tour, which officially kicked off in Phoenix, Arizona on September 14. According to Rolling Stone, the band began their tour in a way no one had predicted. For their first show, Nine Inch Nails performed all eight songs from their 1992 EP, Broken.

The setlist included the hit “Wish,” as well as “Happiness in Slavery,” the latter of which hasn’t been played in more than 25 years. They also performed “Physical,” an Adam and the Ants cover which appears as a bonus track on the album.

After performing the entirety of Broken, Nine Inch Nails performed regular hits like “Hurt,” “The Day The World Went Away,” “March of the Pigs,” “Reptile,” and “Only.” They also performed a cover of the David Bowie track “I’m Afraid of Americans” and the live debut of the song from their 2017 album Add Violence entitled “This Isn’t the Place.”

Currently, the tour is underway with support from Jesus and Mary Chain, along with the experimental outfit Tobacco.

Dates for the “Cold and Black and Infinite” tour are scheduled through December 15, 2018 where the tour is set to wrap up in Los Angeles, California. The bulk of tickets are sold out for smaller venues, with many shows being held for consecutive nights at the same venue to compensate for high demand.

Trent Reznor made headlines earlier this year after going on a rampage against numerous celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Reznor also took major shots at Donald Trump, leaving little to the imagination in terms of where he stands on the United States’ current presidential administration.

“For the miracle of everyone sharing ideas, I see a h*** of a lot more racism. It doesn’t feel like we’ve advanced. I think you’re seeing the fall of the empire of America in real time, before your eyes; the internet has eroded the fabric of decency in our civilization.”

Nine Inch Nails’ newest album is titled Bad Witch and features the single “God Break Down The Door.” The single was noted by many as a major departure for the band’s heavier industrial roots but was simultaneously critically praised for its innovation and original sound.