‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: Billy’s Life Implodes!

Sonja FlemmingCBS

The Young and the Restless weekly video preview shows that Billy’s gambling causes his life to spiral out of control, and he faces the prospect of losing absolutely everything as he joneses for the thrill of the chase. Plus, Kyle pours gasoline on the fire of his uncle’s life to accelerate Billy’s implosion.

Gambling addict Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) loves the thrill of living life on the edge and taking chances. Knowing that he has an issue with not being able to stop betting once he starts, Billy went ahead and began placing bets anyway. Summer (Hunter King) drew him back into the world of gambling while she tried to seduce him. Although Billy managed to resist Summer, he found himself unable to resist the high he gets from gambling.

At first, Billy hid everything from Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), but he finally confessed his gambling problems to her, insisting that he is a “new Billy” who knows when to put a stop to the risky behavior before things go too far. Reluctantly, Phyllis gave her boyfriend support. She even went to Las Vegas with him and caved when he begged to stay an extra day.

Now, Kyle (Michael Mealor) is working to bring Billy down at Jabot Cosmetics, and although Ashley (Eileen Davidson) asked him not to, Kyle used Billy’s addiction against him, working hard to set him up for failure. Kyle not only got Sinead to invite Billy to some high-stakes poker games, but he also enticed him to bet with an email from a high-limit online group.

Once Billy falls for it, Kyle presented his findings to Ashley, which show that Billy used money from Jabot to help fund his gambling habits. The two then considered how to handle the situation moving forward. Unfortunately for Ashley, she doesn’t realize what a heavy hand Kyle had in helping get her brother to fall off the wagon in the first place, but if the truth comes out, she may end up furious at her nephew over his scheming.

In tears, Phyllis confronts Billy and tells him that his risky gambling behavior is starting to feel dangerous. Instead of listening to Phyllis, it looks like Billy blows up at her. In fact, instead of trying to dial it back, Billy tells Phyllis that if she doesn’t like his risk-taking behavior, then she can go ahead and leave.

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