Thomas Markle Gets Death Threats From Jose Sandoval, A Friend’s ‘Demented’ Ex-Boyfriend

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While Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas, has been in the spotlight in recent months giving unapproved interviews to the media about his daughter, there’s been a stressful backstory taking place. It turns out that he has a good friend, Lori Davis, who he got to know while living in the same gated community in Mexico. And while he’s become close with Lori and her daughter, who refers to Thomas as her “Uncle,” Lori’s violent ex-boyfriend, Jose Sandoval, has made some serious threats against Markle.

Lori has revealed that she thinks her ex is “demented,” and even said that he once poured lighter fluid on her and “threatened to set her alight,” according to the Sun. Davis also shared some of the other abuses she’s endured.

“He spat on my face, he goes to my uncle’s house [referring to Tom] and tells him that he is going to kill him because he is constantly hiding me and threatens and insults him.”

The woman also said that “Jose has terrorized us. Because Tom is my friend he has threatened him too.”

Sandoval as also reportedly left voicemails saying, “f*** you and Tom. Tom’s got something coming too. Just you wait and see.”

The ex has also served 30 months in jail in the U.S. He was convicted of entering the country illegally, even though he had been deported before in 2000, according to the Daily Mail.

Sandoval has allegedly driven by Markle’s house in Mexico and said, “I’m going to kill you, you fat f*****.” A police report also said that Sandoval slashed Thomas’ tires.

Davis has spoken out now, and Markle hopes that he can help use his newfound fame for good.

“I swore I would never talk again after my Mail on Sunday interview this year – the only reason I am doing so now is that I’m hoping the spotlight on me might help save an abused woman.”

It also sounds like Sandoval was threatening Thomas because he believed that he and Lori had a romantic relationship. However, Markle says that he’s been there for her financially to help out her and her family.

Sandoval, on the other hand, has denied the claims that he’s threatened to kill Thomas. But he admitted that he’d hit Lori before and given her two black eyes, saying “I did hit her. She deserved it.”

And while Thomas has been the source of intense public criticism over his family drama, this is the first time that he’s spoken out about Lori and her ex.