Paris Hilton Dons Flower Bikini In Throwback, Throws Shade At Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton recently reposted a picture of herself in a red flower bikini, and some people think she might have been making a point about her former close friend Kim Kardashian's recent cherry blossom bikini photoshoot.

Celebrity reporter, Perez Hilton took to Instagram and posted a side by side comparison of the images. He captioned it, "Some fans think Paris Hilton was shading Kim Kardashian by posting this photoshoot of her covered in rose petals from last year. Is Kim's version too similar to Paris', or is being covered in petals just a popular shoot theme in general?"

In the image, Paris Hilton has her hair curled and teased in a throwback style that falls just below her shoulders. She wears full red flowers that form the dramatic bikini, and she sits on top of a bed of roses. She completed the look with matching dark red lips, dramatic eyes, and heart-shaped earrings.

Meanwhile, in Kim K's photo, she left her hair loose and wavy falling past her waist. Her flower bikini is far less full covering less than Hilton's image from last year. The flowers are cherry blossoms, which are different. Plus, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also appeared to have a darker shade of lipstick than her flowers that lighted some in the middle of her bottom lips. She also had dramatic eyes, but Kardashian's look was more earthen.

Fans had their say on Perez Hilton's post. One noted, "I don't care who did it first. Let's keep doing it because they're really pretty pictures."

One person felt that both reality TV stars had copied the look from somewhere else writing, "Well the movie American Beauty was first." The 1999 film featured a teenager laying on rose petals with several placed in strategic areas to form a rose petal bikini. In fact, in her Instagram repost of the photoshoot she had last year with the photographer, Brenden Forbes, Paris even posed in American Beauty style. Other images in the slideshow depicted Paris as a housewife, diva singer, and a Barbie among other things. Kim K also posted a similar pose to Instagram with her pink flowers, showing that both women played homage to the iconic movie scene.

Others also echoed the sentiment that neither celebrity came up with the idea of dressing in flowers. That person said, "[It's a] popular shoot theme in general Paris was NOT the first to pose like that surrounded by flowers come on now."