Kate Middleton: Find Out How The Duchess Has Been Spending Her Time Lately While Out Of Spotlight

Kate Middleton has been the subject of much speculation since being absent from a number of recent events and royal engagements. The Duchess has been rumored to be struggling since giving birth to Princess Charlotte and possibly suffering from postpartum depression. This has all been stamped out as untrue by those close to William and Kate. Verification has been passed along, however, that Middleton simply wants to enjoy her time with her expanding family and is unwilling to fully jump back into her royal duties until she is entirely ready.

The Daily Beast recently shared in regards to Kate's intentions.

"There is nothing in her official diary now, but sources tell the Royalist that Kate's strategy is to very slowly build up the number of engagements to which she is committed throughout the autumn."

So how has Kate been spending her time while out of the usual media frenzy and spotlight with which she is normally surrounded? The Daily Mail shares that the gorgeous mother of two has been easing into her routine daily and enjoying her time in the garden with her little ones. However, a newly unveiled talent of Kate's reveals that the Duchess has taken to sketching and drawing quite a bit while focusing on doing her best as a hands-on mother. The publication shares in regards to Kate's pass-time.

"In scenes reminiscent of a Jane Austen novel, Kate is said to have spent the summer enjoying long sunny afternoons in the picturesque garden of her Norfolk home Anmer Hall with her sketch book in hand, drawing detailed pencil works of Prince George and Princess Charlotte."

The Duchess has reportedly shared her drawings with a select group of friends, and those who have viewed Kate's work have been supportive and joked that her work is worthy of being displayed in the National Gallery. Kate is said to have laughed off the suggestion, however.

It is not a surprise that Kate is interested in the arts, as the young royal has been heavily involved in supporting the ArtRoom charity and displayed her talent when she popped in for a visit earlier in the year. As the Daily Mail reminds, last week Middleton was the subject of a very special portrait and immortalized by Brazilian artist Fabiano Millani. The publication draws comparison to that of an earlier portrait created for Kate.

"Depicting her with a warm smile and glowing complexion, the work is in stark contrast to her first official portrait, by Paul Emsley, in which she appeared to be grimacing."

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]