‘Flipping Out’ Tensions Continue To Flare Between Jeff Lewis And Jenni Pulos

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

Season 11 of Flipping Out has just premiered on Bravo and spoilers detail that it will surely be the most intense ones to date. Viewers are used to seeing star Jeff Lewis fire people and get into fierce battles, but now it’s sidekick Jenni Pulos who is his main target and sources have revealed that the two are no longer on good terms. Reports have already emerged indicating that they have ended their friendship and their partnership, but things have gotten even worse in recent days.

People shares that heading into the Season 11 premiere of Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis made a move that infuriated Bravo. He shared a post via Instagram, that he has since deleted, that featured him alongside Jenni and his partner Gage Edward. However, Lewis had put a red “X” over Jenni’s face.

While Bravo isn’t commenting on the incident, they were reportedly quite angry with Jeff and apparently yanked him from an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live as a result. An insider says that Jeff isn’t being entirely truthful about what’s gone down with Jenni, that he’s sharing things out of context of what really went down, and that he’s exposing the show in a manner that has the network quite upset.

Usually, the stars of Flipping Out would be doing plenty of press to hype the new season. However, it seems that Bravo has canceled anything they had Lewis slated to do as a result of these antics. While viewers had watched what seemed to be a tight friendship between Jenni and Jeff all of these years, Lewis recently alleged via his SiriusXM show that they’ve been faking that closeness for years.

The allegation from Jeff that he’s been faking things with Jenni for several years seems to contradict what everybody saw in the Season 10 finale of Flipping Out. He chose Pulos to be a godmother to daughter Monroe, and he recently referenced the fact that Jenni is indeed Monroe’s godmother. At the time, People notes, Lewis said that it was an obvious choice to pick Pulos because she was one of his closest friends.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, the explosive fight that ended things for good between Jenni and Jeff is slated to air later this season on Flipping Out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if this is a squabble engineered to amp up ratings or generate buzz for the series. Rather, it seems to be a legit and intense parting of ways between the two that might even mean the end of the Bravo show.

Sadly, Jeff and Jenni have both scrubbed their Instagram pages pretty clean of one another and it does seem obvious that there’s a lot of bad blood there now. While Pulos will appear throughout the season, all signs point toward some ugly and heartbreaking moments between Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos coming as Flipping Out continues to air new episodes every Tuesday night on Bravo.