'Alaskan Bush People' Star Noah Brown Stands Up For New Wife Rhain Amid Fan Criticism

Fans of Alaskan Bush People tend to have strong opinions about the Brown family members and those associated with the family, and that has definitely been the case with Noah Brown and his now-wife Rhain. The family has had its issues with Rhain, and viewers have seen Noah pull away from his extended family and the show as a result. Now he's speaking up and defending his relationship.

Radar Online shares that Rhain and Noah got married in a quiet ceremony on August 15. Some reports had swirled that she wouldn't be changing her last name to Brown, in large part because of the disapproval she's felt from the Alaskan Bush People family. Noah, however, says that's not true.

Brown says, "Rhain is my wife and she is my wife for life and of course she will be taking my last name."

Apparently, some of Noah's family members are still hesitant to fully accept Rhain into the family. Despite that family drama, Noah says that it feels wonderful to now be married to Rhain and he noted that they had been engaged for a little more than a year. He adds that now a big weight has been lifted and they can focus on being married.

Country Living posted some of the photos and updates that the Alaskan Bush People couple shared at the time of their wedding. They tied the knot on the two-year anniversary of their first meeting, and the Brown family was in Idaho for the event.

Despite the ongoing drama within the Brown family over Noah's relationship with Rhain, the Alaskan Bush People stars glammed up for the wedding and this was the first time some had donned tuxedos. That may have felt awkward to family members like Gabe, but they looked like they embraced the day and had a good time.

Noah and Rhain had just 25 guests at their wedding, and Billy was the best man. At the time of the wedding, Ami said that she wished them years of love and happiness with one another.

After a lengthy hiatus, Alaskan Bush People is back with a new season on the Discovery Channel. The family is no longer living in Alaska, but they are building a new life for themselves on new land and Ami's health has been good after her fierce battle with cancer. Can the Brown family come to accept Rhain in their family now that she's married to Noah or will this continue to be an issue? Noah and Rhain have made it clear that they're standing strong as a team whether others accept them or not.