Supermodel Carol Alt Calls Out Kendall Jenner's Comments On Modeling

Supermodel Carol Alt is speaking publicly in response to Kendall Jenner's comments that she's picky about which fashion shows she will walk in for Fashion Week. But her comments touched a nerve with other models, especially those from more humble beginnings.

Page Six says that Jenner was quoted as saying that she's "super selective" about what shows she will do in a given season. Many people at New York Fashion Week took offense to the Kardashian family offspring's snobbish comments.

"I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever the f - - k those girls do."

Carol Alt spoke out on behalf of many of the models from modest means in saying that she grew up in a middle-class environment.

"I was the daughter of a fireman. What chance did I have against the Gwyneth Paltrows of the world? They were Hollywood elite and Hollywood royalty."

In thinking back on her lengthy modeling career, Alt recalled that she had lost jobs to those who could afford to be picky when she couldn't.

"I remember losing my Lancôme contract to Isabella Rossellini. I took Lancôme to No. 1, and they wanted royalty. I was a new young face so Lancôme dropped me... But the best part about it is that Covergirl picked me up, and I took Covergirl to No. 1. So it worked out just fine."

W Magazine said that Alt wasn't amused by Jenner's blasé comments, and wanted her to know that some young women need the income that others -- who get their jobs through nepotism -- don't. Most models are not turning down contracts and jobs like Kendall Jenner, who is financially comfortable in the first place.

To be fair, W Magazine added that there was more to Jenner's comments that were published by many sources. Jenner had said that at the beginning of her career, she took many jobs and worked as many shows as she could, and it pushed her to "the verge of a mental breakdown." She suggested it was her anxiety that had her taking fewer jobs. Jenner responded later on Twitter to say that she has nothing but respect for how hard other models work.

But the trend of celebrity offspring walking in shows is not one that is going anywhere. The children of models, rock stars, and actors still garner lines of copy during any given fashion week, so designers will continue to hire them, potentially taking jobs away from others without family contacts.