Inmate Accused Of Trying To Rape NYPD Cop Inside Brooklyn Courthouse

An inmate is accused of attempting to rape a New York City female police officer inside Brooklyn Criminal Court Friday, but she was recused by another inmate and other police officers, reports the New York Daily News.

The outrageous alleged incident happened about 11:20 a.m. while the officer was leading prisoners from a holding cell to the court for hearings, a police source told the newspaper. Jeriah Bamugo, 26, allegedly grabbed the female officer by the neck and threatened to rape her, the Daily News stated.

Bamugo was about to face arraignment in the court for various charges when the alleged incident occurred, the New York Post reported.

Bamugo allegedly pinned the officer against the wall, took off her belt, and starting reaching at her pants not far away from the courtroom, the Post wrote.

“I’m going to have sex with you,” Bamugo allegedly told the officer while apparently attempting to get her clothes off, the police source told the Post.

Another inmate, a 17-year-old at the court for minor marijuana and theft charges, attempted to stop Bamugo before the officer’s partner and other cops intervened, the tabloid noted. The officer’s partner had been outside the cell area before hearing commotion, per the Post.

“Thankfully, he was unsuccessful,” the police source told the Post about the attack. “Another inmate saved her.”

Another police source told the tabloid that other inmates sounded off during the alleged incident, which alerted other law enforcement officers at the scene.

“He was trying to disrobe her, pulling at her clothes,” the source told the Post. “Officers responded within 30 seconds. I saw one guy sprint back into the cells. The inmates immediately started screaming.”

Emergency personnel took the female officer to a local hospital where she was diagnosed with a concussion and back injuries, the Post stated. The tabloid said that she is now on modified duty.

The Daily News wrote that Bamugo was in plenty of trouble before the alleged incident. Authorities had charged him Monday with stalking and harassment in connection with a case involving a 28-year-old woman at Kings County Hospital, the newspaper stated.

After he was released, he was then accused of groping and punching a woman, 52, in East Flatbush on Thursday, the Daily News wrote. A police source said that Bamugo will now face new charges in connection with Friday’s incident.

The Post stated that Bamugo’s attorney had not commented on the possible additional charges.