Meghan Markle Won't Wear Red Lipstick, Per 'People'

Meghan Markle is a woman who knows what she wants, and what she likes. Recently, it was revealed that there are things that the Duchess of Sussex simply refuses to do, such as wear red lipstick.

According to a recent report by People Magazine, Meghan Markle not only refuses to wear red lipstick, but she also does her own makeup for most occasions.

"She's gotten more comfortable doing her own makeup. She loves makeup and she's good at it! She's been doing her makeup herself. She's not fussy — she's just trying to get it on and get out the door," Markle's friend, makeup artist Daniel Martin told the magazine.

In addition, Martin reveals the reason that Meghan refuses to rock red lips.

"The one time she did a red lip, she just didn't feel comfortable in it. She likes to talk and she's not a fussy person, so she doesn't want to have to worry about anything," he stated.

The makeup artist also reveals that Meghan Markle's look has changed, and is more refined now. He says that her eyes and brows are "defined," and that while the duchess may explore some new looks, she'll likely stick to the natural looking makeup she's becoming known for.

"She likes a stronger eye, her brow is a lot more defined now, but it's still her. If anything, she's going to experiment with different tones, and now that she's more tan she'll use warmer colors. But she doesn't stray too far from her technique, she's very formulaic with her routine," Daniel added.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, adjusting to life in the royal family has allegedly been hard for Meghan Markle. The duchess is said to be losing touch with friends, and is even having a hard time trying to figure out which of her current friends she can even trust.

"Meghan has lost touch with some of her close friends from before the wedding, which has been tough. She's finding it hard to know who to trust," an insider dished of the duchess and her new lavish lifestyle, which comes with a brand new set of issues.

In addition, Markle has been facing drama in her personal life for months. Her family, namely her sister and father, have been speaking out in the media about Meghan and her new husband, Prince Harry, and most of it has not been flattering.

It seems that Meghan Markle is now paying the price for her role as duchess.