Paul Wesley Surprises ‘Vampire Diaries’ Co-Star Nina Dobrev On Set Of Her New Show, ‘Fam’

Michael YarishWarner Bros. Inc. via Getty Images

They spent what felt like eternity together, playing star-crossed lovers on The Vampire Diaries. Paul Wesley was the brooding vampire Stefan to Nina Dobrev’s beautiful and kind Elena, a hapless human doomed to be surrounded by otherworldly creatures. In real life, the two appear to be super close pals. Entertainment Tonight reports that Wesley surprised a grinning Dobrev by turning up at a taping of her brand-new sitcom, Fam.

Despite the fact that he was seated in the front row during the taping, Dobrev was apparently so focused on her work that she didn’t notice her grinning friend until the cast was doing their curtain call. At that point, in the video shown on her Instagram story, she shrieked and ran over to Wesley, hugging him while exclaiming about being surprised and asking him what he is doing there.

They were castmates on the show for six seasons, until Dobrev decided to leave. Now, both actors have joined new shows, but they are still sharing a network. Dobrev’s new show, Fam, is on CBS, and features Dobrev as Clem, a young woman who is almost done building the perfect life with her fiance, played by Tone Bell. However, her 16-year-old sister moves in and shakes up all her plans.

Wesley is also joining CBS, with a new show called Tell Me A Story on CBS All Access, from executive producer Kevin Williamson. The Scream writer is behind the 10-episode series starring Wesley and James Wolk.


“It’s a drama, so it has a lot of dark undertones, and scary moments, but it’s a very dramatic show. It’s a very emotional show,” Williamson expressed. “We’re sort of in the cable space, and we get to sort of play with the characters, and sort of unravel them. The bad guy becomes good, the good guy becomes bad. You’re not quite sure what you’re watching at any given moment.”

Wesley should be able to handle the dark undertones and emotions. As one of many brooding vampires on The CW, he is truly gifted at showing off what he’s feeling.

Both friends seem poised for more success. CBS is still one of the most popular networks, especially for comedy. The enormous success of the Big Bang Theory has cemented the network as a comedy juggernaut. Perhaps Wesley will get to test his comedic chops and surprise Dobrev with a humorous guest starring role on the new show. After all, they’re practically neighbors on the lot.