Jenna Cooper Promises To Expose The Truth, Sounds Confident She Will Be 'Moving Forward' With Jordan Kimball

Bachelor in Paradise's Jenna Cooper's reputation has been tarred by recent allegations that she'd been cheating on Jordan the whole time she was in Paradise. A supposed ex-lover contacted Reality Steve, and shared screenshots that he said were between him and Jenna. And in the texts, Cooper stated that Jordan didn't mean anything to her, that she needed to go along with it for business reasons, and that she was planning on breaking things off.

And while Jenna denied the texts were really hers, Jordan decided that it was best for him to leave the relationship. While we haven't heard from her since her first Instagram post following the allegations, Jenna had some more information for her fans today.

Notably, Cooper has promised to expose the truth and sounds confident that she'll be moving forward with Jordan Kimball after all. In a new Instagram post, Jenna addresses not just her fans, but also Jordan directly. This is what she said.

"To Jordan, our families, friends, and supporters: please stand by as I prepare to provide the true facts that will demonstrate the fraud perpetrated by terrible individuals."
If it's true that all of the texts are fake, then this scenario could be even more scandalous than anyone realized. Cooper also asked for patience as she works on gathering evidence.
Jenna also went on to apologize directly to Jordan, who has likely seen her message by now.
"And to Jordan, I am sorry that horrible people have used fabricated, hateful efforts to come between us. I promise you that the truth will be set free in the coming weeks, and it will unquestionably be to your satisfaction."
Jenna uses pretty clinical, business-like language, but perhaps she's more legally inclined than anyone knew. She previously threatened legal action against the people involved, and alludes to it again by saying, "Justice is coming to you."

Cooper then adds, "I look forward to returning to a place of happiness, joy, moving forward with Jordan, and life..knowing that everyone knows the truth."

And while some people wished Jenna the best of luck in her quest to clear her name, others weren't so lenient, hinting that she's making everything up. Her biggest fans let her know that they believe that she's telling the truth, and that they believe she and Jordan will end up together after all.

In the meantime, fans are calling for the new Bachelor to feature Kimball instead of Colton Underwood.