Ben Affleck’s Ex, Lindsay Shookus, Reportedly ‘Devastated’ He’s Moved On, Thought They Would Reunite, Per ‘ET’

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Mike Coppola

Ben Affleck’s ex, Lindsay Shookus, is reportedly “devastated” that the actor has decided to rely on his new girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, rather than on her, as he goes through rehab for his alcohol addiction. It was previously reported that Lindsay tried to do what she could to help Ben with his relapse while they were together, including going to meetings and meditating.

But as things got worse, Lindsay realized that “he wasn’t getting better and that it was time for her to step aside.” The source continued that “She was trying to stay as close to him as possible so that he would stay on the right path, but ultimately it just wasn’t possible. She knew she had to let him hit bottom,” according to People.

However, the one thing that Lindsay wasn’t factoring in was the possibility that Ben would move on from her in such a short amount of time. A source revealed to Entertainment Tonight the following.

“Lindsay was supporting Ben in the beginning but now he seems to be relying more on Shauna than Lindsay and she is devastated.”

Not only that, Shookus apparently was hoping that the two would eventually get back together.

“She believed he would get sober and they would work it out, but that isn’t how things seem to be panning out.”

That certainly muddies a waters a bit, considering that people are already critical of Shauna’s influence on Ben. Some believe that she’s influencing him to want to go home, while others wish Ben would put the relationship aside to focus on his recovery.

But while Lindsay was with Ben, it was reportedly “really really good,” but also “incredibly complicated” due to families and jobs, detailed People.

And that’s not too surprising to hear, considering that Ben’s divorce from Jennifer Garner was only recently finalized. Plus, Affleck’s substance abuse issues likely made things harder for the couple.

In the meantime, Ben has a new girlfriend, Playboy playmate Shauna Sexton. The model has been spotted visiting Affleck in rehab, as well as driving his car since he checked in for treatment. The two were first spotted before Ben was taken to rehab by Garner. This included a date at Nobu restaurant and the two grabbing drive-thru food at a Jack in the Box, according to Fox News.

But because Shauna is believed to not be sober, she’s gotten a lot of criticism for potentially being a bad influence on Ben.