Paige Butcher Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby With Eddie Murphy

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Eddie Murphy is expecting his 10th child, this time with Australian actress Paige Butcher. As People reports, this will be the couple’s second child together, as they already have a daughter named Izzy. Murphy, 57, and Butcher, 39, have been together since 2012. Butcher revealed her pregnancy two weeks ago. In an interview with TMZ, the actress cried as she revealed the sex of their baby.

“Today is just a good day,” she said. The actress was stopped by the news outlet while exiting a grocery store, shopping bags in hand. They asked if she was excited about their newest addition to their family, and Butcher said yes. When asked about the sex of the baby, she said: “It’s going to be a boy.”

The actress joked about whether or not the baby would be named after Murphy. She said she didn’t know, and laughed.

Murphy has nine children, eight of whom are from previous relationships. Murphy shares his oldest son, 29-year-old Eric, with Paulette McNeely. His second child, Christian, 27, Murphy shares with Tamara Hood. Murphy and his ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy, share four children together: 28-year-old Bria, 25-year-old Miles Mitchell, 23-year-old Shayne Audra, 18-year-old Ivy, and 16-year-old Bella Zahra. Murphy and Mitchell had been together from 1993 through 2006. Murphy had his daughter, 11-year-old Angel Iris, with former Spice Girl Mel B. Murphy allegedly has no contact with Angel Iris or Mel B.

“They wished for a younger sibling for their daughter. They live a pretty low-key life. They are all about family. Paige is very close with Eddie’s kids. They are a very special and happy family. They vacation and spend holidays together. Paige loves being a mom and is very involved. She takes her daughter to the park and for play dates,” a source close to Murphy and Butcher said.

Butcher has starred in a number of films, including a few with Murphy. Some of her credits include Something’s Gotta Give and Big Mama’s House 2. According to the Daily Mail, the pair has kept their relationship under wraps; neither Butcher nor Murphy use social media. Butcher deleted her Twitter account several years ago.

“I’m in a relationship with a celebrity, so I feel like there’s already enough of me out there. I felt like I was giving out too much information. I was giving people too much access. I like to keep as much private as possible,” she said.