Kimberly McCullough Of 'General Hospital' Shares Updates On Baby Otis, Tells Mommy-Shamers To Back Off

Actress Kimberly McCullough is back for a run as Robin on General Hospital, and fans love to have her back. The buzz is that she might be sticking around for a little while this time, but she does tend to tackle a lot of projects at a time so she keeps quite busy. In addition to returning to Port Charles for a while, Kimberly is now a mother to a little baby boy named Otis, and she's been sharing a lot of updates about life with him via her Instagram page.

In one recent Instagram post, Kimberly McCullough showed just Otis' toes covered in sand. She called him a beach boy and joked about how she had delicious toes served up every day. Another recent post showed Otis doing what many toddlers love to do at this age: pull stuff out of the kitchen cabinets. It looks like in this case, it was a spot that held plastic and paper bags, and Robin said that baby locks were coming next.

While many of McCullough's Otis-related Instagram posts are cute and light-hearted, she did write something a bit more serious in her Friday night post. The Instagram post shows Otis sleeping on Kimberly's chest, and it seems fair to say that the General Hospital star looks pretty worn out.

McCullough wrote that this one was for all of the folks that like to judge. She noted that yes, Otis was napping on her, and yes, he has a crib that he hardly ever uses. She added the hashtag "doingitallwrong," clearly expecting a fair number of followers to criticize her parenting style in this instance.

People on social media can be pretty brutal when it comes to judging the parenting choices of the celebrities they follow. Luckily, in this case, it looked like the General Hospital star got plenty of love and support.

Some followers thanked McCullough for sharing her real life with them and others told her that she seemed to be doing it all right and she should ignore any haters. Just about anybody who has been a new mom knows that quality sleep can be elusive and some of the most precious moments of parenthood come while a baby is sleeping in a mother's arms.

Fans of Kimberly McCullough know that she went through a lot to become a mom to Otis and they love seeing all of her updates on these early months of his life. The General Hospital star seems to have a great handle on parenting her little guy, and her Instagram followers appear to be ready to cheer her on whenever she needs a little boost.