‘Big Brother 20’: Brett And Haleigh Discuss Who Is Playing The Best Game

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Thursday’s episode of Big Brother saw the eviction of two houseguests in less than an hour. Haleigh Broucher was sent home at the top of the hour and was followed shortly after by Brett Robinson in the double eviction. Both evictions were blindsides for the now eliminated houseguests, but something they both admitted were not complete shocks. After being eliminated, both Haleigh and Brett sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss their eliminations and the gameplay of the last five players left in the house.

When speaking with EW, Haleigh admitted she thought Kaycee and Brett were playing the best game (keep in mind at this point Haleigh is not privy to Brett’s eviction).

“I think Kaycee is playing a very good game but I also think Brett must be doing pretty well. It is so hard to know because I think there is a lot going on that I do not know about. Honestly, I’m rooting for JC to come through,” she admitted.

There definitely is plenty Haleigh has no idea about, as she stuck out like a sore thumb in her last week in the house. The Texas native still has no idea about the “Level 6” alliance, but will likely be let in on the secret once she and Brett meet in the jury house.

As far as Brett was concerned, when he spoke to EW, he felt that two of the outsiders were playing a better game than his “Level 6” alliance members.

“Tyler made the strong move in terms of competitions, but he has a lot of blood on his hands, especially burning a final 2. There is still JC and Sam, who have no blood on their hands. I’d say Sam, because she has still remained in the house after all of this time and she hasn’t burned anyone. I think she has been throwing competitions ever since her HOH to appear as less of a threat,” he said.

Big Brother fans have been debating online for the last several weeks regarding the gameplay of the remaining players. After last night’s double eviction, many fans believed Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen sealed their fate with their POV speech to Brett as he took his seat as a replacement nominee. Angela has been under fire for the last several weeks for her cruel goodbye messages, which rubbed off on Tyler last night.

Scottie Salton has promised that this season will see a bitter jury who will likely vote off emotion and not gameplay, which does not bode well for Angela and now Tyler. As the Inquisitr reported last night, Angela won the week’s second HOH and plans to nominate Sam and JC for eviction. If the surviving contestant doesn’t win the following HOH, they will likely be walking out the door just after.

This upcoming week will see the elimination of two contestants; one on Wednesday and one on Thursday before the series finale the following week.

Big Brother airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST, and every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.