Beyonce Slays Fans With Sexy OTRII Tour Photos On Instagram, Proves Why She's Queen Bey

Beyoncé has been traveling the world since June, on tour with her husband, rapper Jay-Z. The two have teamed up for their second co-headlining stadium tour, On The Run II (OTRII). The couple performed the first leg of the tour in Europe, and they are now concluding the second leg of U.S. stops in their tour. Beyoncé will perform two shows in her hometown of Houston, Texas, this weekend.

Complex reports that the tour has been wildly successful. OTRII is estimated to have earned $150 million so far, and is expected to make another $100 million before its conclusion. The power couple has shared the wealth by giving $100,000 in scholarship money to one student in each of the U.S. cities on the tour itinerary.

Beyoncé took a moment to express her gratitude for her fans on Instagram yesterday, sharing a post on the night of the New Orleans concert at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome stadium.

The post consisted of several photos with different onstage moments from the tour, opening with a photo of Beyoncé smiling as Jay-Z wraps his arm around her in an embrace. They both have microphones in their hands and grins on their faces. Bey is dressed in an ornate black and gold outfit, a belted one-piece over fishnets. Jay-Z wears an all-black suit with a matching knit cap and a heavy gold chain and medallion around his neck.

"Tonight is the first of the last ten shows of OTRII. I'm doing what I love most with whom I love most. I wish it could never end. Feeling thankful for all of the love from our fans around the world. New Orleans, you ready? Let's go get em!!!" Beyoncé captioned the post. Fans responded with over 4 million likes.

Queen Bey didn't stop there. Following her sweet tribute to her fans, the megastar shared two more photo posts yesterday. One shows the star staring off stage with a defiant look on her face and a microphone in one hand. Her famous curvy yet athletic physique is defined in a sparkling fringe-covered one-piece with matching thigh-high boots and fishnet stocking. The post received over 2.5 millions likes.

Her most recent post shows the star walking through scaffolding with a microphone, staring provocatively into the camera. The star wears a daring one-piece black outfit with cut outs, a black bra-top and thigh-high boots, all made of a shiny vinyl-looking material. Between the successful tour, performing all over the world with her husband, and having a killer body and a fashion sense to match, Beyoncé has proven once again that she is the queen.