Tanaya Henry Slams Kim Kardashian Over New Lipstick Ads

Chance Yeh & David LivingstonGetty Images

Kim Kardashian West is under heavy fire after the Thursday release of ad campaign for her new KKW Beauty lip collection. Tanaya Henry, the owner and creative director of Lace by Tanaya, has been lighting up social media with nothing kind to say about Kardashian.

According to the Daily Mail, just hours after Kim released the ad campaign, Tanaya took to social media to slam Kardashian as well as photographer Marcus Hyde for stealing concepts and designs. Tanaya argues her concepts and designs are two years old and copyrighted.

“‘People look up to you guys and you guys are f*****n frauds,” Henry exclaimed as she put the entire Kardashian-Jenner family on blast on her Instagram stories.

“It’s ridiculous. You guys do it a lot. It doesn’t made any sense. Why not just give credit where it’s due? It’s not that hard. You guys know how to f****n get a hold of me.”

Henry’s social media rampage did not stop there. She proceeded to share tons of pictures from Lace by Tanaya photoshoots to back her claim that Kardashian ripped her off.

“It’s not about who does it first or last… it’s about who does it the best,” Henry said in the slides of one of the posts on her Instagram stories.

Tanaya also took her Instagram saying she wanted to “clear the air” during a four-minute long live clip.

“I’m going to tell y’all the story so you guys know why the f**k I’m tripping out,” Henry said at the beginning of her Instagram Live session.

She explained she and Marcus had worked together on several different projects, and she considered him to be a friend for the last five or six years.

“He knows me, he’s been to my crib. I know his girl. There’s history,” she said. “He started working with Kim and Kanye – cool whatever. Amazing,” Tanaya continued to explain.

The designer even recalled texting Marcus and congratulating him for landing the new gig to take photographs for Kim.

According to the Daily Mail, what Marcus has taken to his own Instagram stories and referred to as “petty drama” kicked off when Tanaya was scrolling through Twitter and thought she saw Kim share Lace by Tanaya photoshoot pictures. In the moment, Henry thought Kardashian was just admiring her jewelry line. It was shortly after the designer released that wasn’t the case at all.

“I realize it’s a f****n ad for her new lipstick. Not only did you steal my concept, you had replicas made of my copyrighted designs and you used a photographer that I’ve known for years,” Tanaya exclaimed.

Henry also put Marcus on blast during her Instagram Live session.

“He says it’s all good because he got paid and he ‘didn’t know what was going on.’ It’s crazy you don’t know what’s going on – you’ve known me for so long and you didn’t realize that what you were shooting is an exact f***n copy of my concept and of my designs that I’ve had out for two years? F**k out of here!”

The designer even shared screenshots of her text messages with Marcus on her Instagram stories. In the messages, the photographer maintained he was an innocent bystander who just did the job he was hired to do.

Henry argued that all members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan including Kylie, Khloe, Kendall, and Kourtney have worn and requested pieces from her collection.

During her rant, Tanaya’s biggest hang-up was not understanding why Kim didn’t just come to her and ask to use the designs and concepts.

Tanaya clarified that had Kardashian approached her beforehand she would have been flattered that the reality TV star liked her designs and concepts enough to want to use them. Henry ended her live video threatening to take legal action against Kim if she didn’t “apologize or something.”

“Y’all better hit me up an apologize or something because those designs are copyrighted. That photoshoot causes confusion to consumers. I got lawyers on deck. I know y’all got money but I have a lot of proof and I don’t f****n like you guys and I will go f*****n hard.”

Marcus added his own fuel to the fire snapping back at Tanaya by sharing a photo from the photoshoot with the caption, “grille by @dollycohen (do your research kids).”