'Bachelor' Star Amanda Stanton Assault Update: New Details Regarding Incident Emerge

New details are emerging regarding the incident that took place in Las Vegas last weekend with former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton. Amanda was taken into custody by police after an incident where she allegedly pushed her boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs, and now additional context about what happened has been reported.

Us Weekly has reviewed documents related to Amanda Stanton's arrest last weekend in Las Vegas. As the Inquisitr initially shared, reports had detailed that the Bachelor star had shoved boyfriend Bobby Jacobs as he talked with security at the hotel where they were partying with friends. Security felt that the alleged shove was problematic enough that the police needed to be called, and Stanton was taken in on a misdemeanor charge.

Now, it appears that the incident between Amanda and Bobby was far more extensive and complicated. The documents indicate that Jacobs said he was sleeping in a hotel room when Stanton returned around 11 p.m. after being out at a Magic Mike event and having some drinks with friends.

Amanda allegedly yelled at Bobby for not returning texts and calls of hers earlier in the evening and she reportedly tried to hit Bobby as he was in the bed. The two apparently argued for hours, and it seems Jacobs even called some of Stanton's friends to come to the room to try to calm her down.

After Stanton's friends left, believing that she was sleeping for the night, Amanda allegedly swung at Bobby with a phone, hitting him. She is said to have also tried to kick him, but she fell down.

There is some disagreement between the two about him holding her on the bed, as he said he did that to keep her from hitting him, but she scratched and pinched him. She says she did that to try to get released as she begged him to let her go.

Radar Online adds that according to the police report, Amanda's friends called security around 3 a.m. after they saw the injuries that Bobby had sustained. Jacobs reportedly had abrasions on both knees, a mark on his right bicep, an abrasion on his arm, and some reddening.

The initial release from Stanton's rep said that she'd given Jacobs a playful shove, but details from the police report paint a more complicated picture. Bobby and Amanda flew home soon after she was released from custody and he is said to be standing by her side. The Bachelor star has released a statement indicating that she is very embarrassed by the incident.