Kim Kardashian Captures Playtime Photo Of 'Triplets' Chicago, True, And Stormi

It sure is hard keeping up with the Kardashian grandbabies these days. Friday night, Kim Kardashian West shared another adorable Instagram photo of cousins Chicago, True, and Stormi enjoying some upscale playtime together. In the photo, True sits comfortably in her Bumbo seat between older cousins Chicago and Stormi. All three girls are looking up at the camera in awe as they sit on a luxurious furry white carpet with what appears to be an equally luxurious fluffy blanket dangling down from the couch behind them. Apparently, these kids aren't too messy, as all of their surroundings are pristinely white. Kim captioned the photo "The triplets," complete with heart emojis.

While they may not be complete replicas of each other, the three Kardashian cousins no doubt share their moms' pouty lips and full faces. All three girls display a range of beautiful deep skin tones and beautiful brown lockes just like their mamas. Chicago's pink pony plush animal is the perfect accent to the girls' playtime session pic. Whatever your opinion of the moms, there is no denying the cuteness of their kids, as the photo already garnered nearly 1 million likes within a half hour of being posted.

Of course, fans' comments on the picture lavished the babies with compliments.
"Stormi and True looking like their daddies and Chi looking like Kimmy."

"I swear a baby cartoon will be made out of this and after a show called keeping up with the baby Kardashians."

"This is just the cutest!! Been waiting for a triplet photo!! Their little earrings!"

The Kardashians have been sharing photos of their kids together, like this one of Stormi and Chicago, which Kylie Jenner shared to her Instagram page on Tuesday.The two healthy-looking babies snuggled up together in pink pajamas, looking much like twins. After all, the two girls are only 17 days apart in age. Kylie captioned the photo, "slumber party" with a bow emoji. And then, there's this one of baby True and Chicago, whose hand is resting protectively on her little cousin's arm while True adorably munches on her baby hands.Kim's "triplets" picture tonight, however, is the first social media pic with True added to the mix. Apparently, it's the first time she has shared a picture with these three specific girls together.

With all of the social media baby love going around, it's obvious that the Kardashian sisters value their relationships with their little nieces and nephews. Entertainment Tonight reports that Khloe Kardashian recently spilled the beans on Keeping Up With The Kardashians about which sister she would choose to care for her daughter if anything were to happen to her.

"So, I can't make anything official until the baby is born, but I am going to probably have Kim as the legal guardian if God forbid something happens."
While Kim already has three kids of her own, rumors say that she hopes for a fourth one in the future.