Donald Trump Jr. Calls ‘Vanity Fair’ ‘Sad’ And ‘Irrelevant,’ And Insists They Buy Followers On Twitter

Justin Sullivan Getty Images

On Friday, Donald Trump, Jr. insisted that Vanity Fair must be buying the 4 million followers that they have on Twitter, noting that the magazine is both “sad” and “irrelevant.”

According to The Hill, Trump, Jr. has vented his fury at Vanity Fair after the magazine claimed, erroneously in his opinion, that his father is losing sleep over what is happening in the White House. Lambasting the magazine for their lies, he suggested that they go ahead and “keep making crap up.” He then went on to say that he doesn’t worry for even a second that the president has difficulty in sleeping at night.

“What a joke, you think I worry my father isn’t sleeping? I have never and will never worry about that.”

As Newsweek reported, Donald Trump, Jr. is particularly angry that Vanity Fair quoted sources as saying that the president is too upset to sleep because of the recent anonymous op-ed that appeared in the New York Times.

“Sources told me Trump is ‘obsessed,’ ‘lathered,’ and ‘freaked out’ that the leaker is still in his midst. His son Don Jr. has told people he’s worried Trump isn’t sleeping because of it.”

Donald Trump, Jr. is of the belief that Vanity Fair is buying Twitter followers because their engagement rate rate is so low, and suggested that many of its 4 million followers are not even real accounts at all.

“Oh, VF with 4.8m ‘followers’ how do you average less than 20 RTs for your last 20 or so posts? BUYING FOLLOWERS MUCH? SAD, PATHETIC, & IRRELEVANT!”

However, besides the low interaction rates that Trump, Jr. mentioned, he didn’t offer up any other proof that the magazine has purchased followers on Twitter.

While Vanity Fair has so far ignored Trump, Jr.’s tweet and are not commenting on his claim that they purchase their followers, Trump’s claim is not any different from his father’s frequent attacks on the media where he asserts that anything that disparages him is obviously fake news.

The last time that Donald Trump, Jr. made waves on Twitter was when he shared a severely doctored photograph which claimed that the president had a 50 percent approval rating as evidenced by a recent Gallup poll. While it is not known if Trump, Jr. actually believed this photograph, he did take it off Twitter after it made headlines around the world.

Donald Trump, Jr.’s tweet which suggested that Vanity Fair is buying their Twitter followers has so far been shared 13,000 times.