Shane Dawson Wants To Take Fans Inside 'The Mind Of Jake Paul' In New YouTube Series

Megan Russell

YouTube superstar Shane Dawson just released the trailer for his newest video docu-series, "The Mind of Jake Paul." Jake Paul is a larger-than-life YouTuber whose viral videos often cause controversy.

The collaboration was born out of a series of tweets, in which Shane Dawson said he would love to a series chronicling, "the ups and downs" of Jake Paul's life. Jake Paul replied later that same day with a "Let's do it." In an Instagram teaser for the series, Shane Dawson looks worringly at the camera.

"This," he begins, "is going to be a nightmare." The footage beforehand featured Jake Paul doing his usual antics. Flames, pranks, and other outlandish acts can be seen in quick secession at the beginning.

Jake Paul's brother, Logan Paul, made headlines in early 2018 for a video he filmed while in Japan. The video featured a dead body and was trending worldwide before it was taken down. The Paul brothers had a reputation for causing controversy, but this incident caused a major uproar against Logan Paul. Jake Paul undoubtedly experienced backlash from his brother's actions as well, and fans are curious to see if Logan gets brought up in the upcoming videos.

The Jake Paul docuseries is set to be released to YouTube on September 25. Jake Paul has over 17 million subscribers and is expected to gain more exposure from Shane Dawson's channel.

On Perez Hilton's YouTube channel, Shane Dawson explained the new docuseries by writing, "the subject isn't just Jake Paul. The subject is much much darker, and something you probably have dealt with with some of your ex friends," Out reports.