Katie Salmon Flaunts Figure In Two-Piece Thong Bikini

Katie Salmon – best known for her brief stint on Love Island back in 2016 – recently put on a daring display at the beach in Ibiza on Wednesday. The former reality TV star and model donned a shimmering red sequin two-piece thong bikini, Daily Mail reports.

The barely-there bikini put the 22-year-old's busty figure on full display as she soaked up the sun with her creamy, perfect complexion.

Twinkling in the sunlight, Salmon paired her bikini with silver bangles on her wrist and a pair of large aviator sunglasses to protect her eyes from the UV rays. Katie had her dark brown hair pulled part of the way up with long braids. In the cosmetic department, Salmon opted for a touch of light brown lipstick and bronzer to bring her look together.

As those who follow Katie know, the reality TV star created a name for herself a few years ago when she came in fourth place on Love Island with her boyfriend at the time, Adam Maxted. Her relationship, however, was likely nothing more than a showmance as it quickly fizzled out after their stint as an on-screen couple ended.

It was Katie's brief fling with her co-star Sophie Gradon -- who passed away earlier this year -- that really commanded attention. As The Sun reminds us, Katie and Sophie were the first same-sex couple on Love Island. While the couple did kiss and go on a date, the producers of the show wouldn't allow the duo to be an official pairing.

Sophie dated Tom Powell up until he left Love Island -- when his ex was introduced and caused an uncomfortable amount of attention. Sophie and Katie's fling did not last very long before Sophie ultimately went back to Tom.
As People reports, Sophie was dating Aaron Armstrong at the time of her passing. Despite the fling not working out with Gradon, Salmon left a very heartwarming tribute on Twitter to her late co-star.
"Isn't it crazy how someone so stunning, so smiley and appeared so happy can feel no way out. The world we live in behind social media. The world has failed you beautiful. I'm heartbroken for you soph to have felt this pain. I wish there was more help out there. Your smile will be remembered forever."
In the second part of her tribute, Katie also shared a short video clip featuring Sophie on Love Island. Salmon noted that this clip was an example of how Sophie should be remembered.
Prior to her time on Love Island, Salmon had a bit of a pageant history -- which includes being crowned Miss Great Britain back in 2009.

As Katie's 250,000 Instagram followers know very well, the brunette bombshell frequently puts her busty figure on display by sharing bikini snaps.